Cheez-It Grooves Smokin’ Bacon & Swiss Review

Bacon might just be the best food on Earth. It beats candy. It trumps cupcakes, and it knocks the hell out of chips. It’s a great snack, awesome on burgers and sandwiches and compliments a salad or baked potato like nothing else.  Yes, bacon is the God of food. When snack companies try to manufacture a bacon flavor, it often comes out as plasticy, salty, burnt-smokey flavor that fails miserably compared to the real thing. You just can’t fake bacon. When Cheez-It introduced it’s latest in the Grooves lineup, I was skeptical. Bacon and swiss go great together – but can you really create a bacon flavor that will impress me without real bacon?

The short answer is “YES!”  I opened the box and gave it a nice, big whiff.  Immediately, I picked up on the cheese scent. It’s a white cheddar/swiss cheese smell that’s pretty inviting. I also caught a bit of smokiness in there.  Let’s hope it isn’t an artificial smokey taste.

Although you can’t really see it, these crackers are coated nicely with flavoring.  I ate one and was surprised that the flavors kept on popping, long after the cracker was gone.  The aftertaste lingers, and it’s honestly quite delightful. The smokey flavor is definitely there, and although it’s not necessarily the smokey flavor you find in real bacon.  However, it’s not the typical facon flavor, either. I can tell they tried hard to mimic real bacon, and I appreciate that, I just wish they kept trying.  That said, it’s not a bad cracker at all.  I really enjoy them!

The swiss flavor is totally present – that creamy and slight tang is pretty bold in this cracker.  It actually combines nicely with the bacon flavor, too.  You’ll get the salty, creamy, tangy and smokey taste in every bite, that’s for sure, and it’s a pretty delicious mix. Plus, the crackers are nice and thin, so it’s almost like eating chips – which I love.

I’m not blown away, but I wouldn’t turn these down, either.  That bacon flavor is really difficult to perfect, and I have tasted a LOT of products with artificial bacon in them. This is, by far, one of the best.  So, you won’t necessarily get everything you want from a bacon & swiss cracker – but you will get a delicious cracker with bold, yummy flavors.  Out of all of the Cheez-It Grooves (Sharp White Cheddar, Zesty Cheddar Ranch, Original Cheddar, and Hot & Spicy Cheddar) that I’ve tasted thus far (I haven’t had the Loaded Cheesy Taco yet), this is my favorite.

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