Brach’s Unicorn Horns Fruity Candy Corn Review

A new day means a new unicorn snack. However, this one is different because according to the package, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this product. Freaking FINALLY. All the other unicorn snacks we have seen over the last year or so obviously didn’t have a unicorn cruelty-free policy in place. Unicorn Frappuccino, Little Debbie unicorn cakes, unicorn cereal, unicorn ice cream…the list keeps going. They all torture the cute little unicorns.

Unicorn Frappuccino, Little Debbie unicorn cakes, unicorn cereal, unicorn ice cream…all the unicorns in the world are sad (check out the gif below for proof). Vegans should be ashamed of themselves for not giving a damn about the unicorns in this world. Thank god for Brach’s. Those poor little unicorns do not need to be put through any more torture.

I am honestly shocked how much I enjoyed these! The package says these candy corns come in five fruity flavors, however, they somehow forgot to actually list the flavors anywhere on the package. No worries, because I’m going to breakdown all of the flavors for you:
  • Light Orange: An unexpectedly strong peach flavor! Reminded me a lot of Haribo Peach Gummi Rings.
  • Dark Orange: A very creamy, bold orange flavor. Think of the orange Starburst and with a touch of creaminess.
  • Yellow: Very lemony. Not a big fan of this one since it is really artificial tasting. Reminded me of the lemon furniture polish (don’t ask me how I know what that tastes like 🤣).
  • Pink: Strawberry with a touch of creaminess. Think strawberries and cream.
  • Purple: I totally thought this was gonna be grape, but I was wrong…it’s definitely raspberry!

All in all, I reallllly enjoyed these. Sure, the lemon wasn’t as pleasing, but it still made for a delicious, fruity mix. Each of the flavors are incredibly fruity — right up my alley. I am baffled why fruity candy corn isn’t more common, because it’s delicious. This candy really should be on shelves year round for two reasons. One, it’s delicious, obviously. And two, no unicorns were messed up during production. Gonna support the unicorns. #StopUnicornCruelty 


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