Snow Monkey Ice Treat Review

Ok, you guys.  Listen up.

No, seriously…. listen.

Healthy food sucks.  If it’s good for you, it tastes like crap. In order to treat yourself to something that’s good for you, you have to buy a tree bark granola bar, drink a lawn clipping & chia seed smoothie, or suck on some river rocks. That stuff is organic, right?  If snacking on bird food is good for you, we don’t want to be right. Trying to find stuff that tastes sinful and delicious, but also caters to our allergies or special diets is pretty impossible.  If it’s vegan and paleo and nut-free and gluten-free and dairy-free, it’s gonna taste like chewing on a piece of paper, right?  WRONG.

Snow Monkey is this kickass plant-based superfood ice treat. It’s like ice cream, but with more of that stuff your body needs like protein, fiber and antioxidants. Oh, and it doesn’t skimp on flavor in order to achieve all of that.  These really cool chicks, Rachel and Mariana started Snow Monkey because they couldn’t find that balance between good for you and good to eat anywhere on the market.  Smart as they are, they said, “Screw this! We’ll make it our damn selves!”  And so they did.

We tried these.  We had BIG expectations because let’s be honest – we’re chubby, junk food freaks that hide Milky Way bars under our pillows and store Oreos in our cars for emergencies.  This stuff better taste freaking AMAZING, make us feel refreshed, have an awesome texture and leave us feeling stupid for thinking it’s impossible to create such a treat.


Jason’s take: Do you like chocolate dipped banana treats? You’ll love this. The banana flavor hits your taste buds first — followed by the chocolate.

Jeni’s take: This is my favorite flavor out of all of them!  It’s almost like a chocolate banana frozen slushie. It even has maple syrup in it to sweeten it up!

Goji Berry

Jason’s take: The tartness from the mixed berries is really what I loved most about this delicious flavor. The texture reminded me a lot of a slushie too. YES!

Jeni’s take: YUM!  This one is delicious! I loved the tartness of it and really captured that berry flavor nicely. This is good for us?  DANG!


Jason’s take: A rush of cinnamon hits the taste buds as soon as you dig into this pint. Just the right amount of cinnamon and sweetness equals perfection.

Jeni’s take: Holy cinnamon!  This is definitely cinnamon – it’s abundant and strong and balances nicely with the banana puree base.


Jason’s take: And I thought the Goji Berry pint was tart! This Passion Fruit is so much tarter, which I absolutely loved. This one was my favorite flavor!

Jeni’s take:  This one was super duper tart for me at first, but then, as the flavor melted in my mouth, I really enjoyed it!  Passionfruit sweetness all around!

Matcha Green Tea

Jason’s take: They nailed this flavor — matcha green tea in icy form. Silky and smooth. Not too sweet, but it makes perfect sense since matcha green tea isn’t sweet.

Jeni’s take:  I’ll be honest.  I’m not a green tea OR matcha girl.  But this was no doubt a green tea matcha blend, and it was not that bad. I think the green tea really outshined the matcha in this.

It was a battle royale. The monkey vs. the Gator. We’re not gonna admit that the monkey kicked our asses. But, the monkey kicked our asses.  This stuff was absolutely refreshing, delightful, had a cool texture and tasted AMAZING.

Maybe being good isn’t so bad after all…

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About the author


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  • The texture of the passion fruit was so mealy. I’m guessing from the hemp protein. Inedible. Returning to the store.

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