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Nestle Toll House Ice Cream Sundae Cookies Review

Nestle Toll House Ice Cream Sundae Cookies Review

The Cookie of the Year by Nestle Toll House is a one of the world’s greatest honors. Screw the Nobel Peace Prize. Screw the Grammy Awards. And Screw Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month, too. Obviously — the Cookie of the Year award is far more prestigious. However, I find it bullshit how the consumers don’t actually have a say in the Cookie of the Year award. It’s all picked by the Nestle. Here’s are the past Cookie of the Year flavors not chosen by us…

  • 2015: Salted Caramel
  • 2016: Butterfinger Baking Bits
  • 2017: Chocolate Fudge Pretzel

Why can’t Nestle be more like Lay’s, M&M’s, Oreo, and all the other companies who give their customers a say in favorite flavors? Honestly, I will completely forgive them if   2018s Cookie of the Year actually tastes like an ice cream sundae. Not only will I forgive them, I will issue an apology at the end of the review.

The package describes these Ice Cream Sundae cookies as “cookie dough with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and waffle cone pieces”. Hell yes. In the oven they go. I was a good boy and didn’t eat any raw cookie dough because I wanted to fully experience these cookies when they were done.

Unbaked. Notice the tons of waffle cone pieces on top!

Before they officially start baking, I take note of the appearance of the cookie dough. Seeing big chunks of waffle cone pieces on top really excited me! Big chocolate chips too. I didn’t notice many sprinkles, but maybe they’ll appear once they are done. After 15 minutes in the oven, I’m ready to dig in. *drool* Before trying them, I ask myself an important question: will the waffle cone pieces be crunchy or soggy? Let’s find out…

CRUNCH! There’s the answer. The waffle cone pieces are baked to a crispy, crunchy golden brown color. Nestle didn’t skimp out on the waffle cone pieces — you get some in every bite! These are essentially chocolate chip cookies with waffle cone pieces on top. Not enough sprinkles. These cookies definitely could’ve used more sprinkles to give it that ‘ice cream sundae’ vibe. Just imagine yourself eating a chocolate chip cookie with waffle cone bits on top. That’s what all these cookies are! I don’t really taste much of the distinct waffle cone taste. The chocolate chips dominate the cookies and you’re left with a crunchier chocolate chip cookie.

Sure, they are fun to eat. Sure, they are delicious because everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. But no, Nestle is not getting that damn apology from me because they don’t actually taste like ice cream sundaes. The chocolate chips simply dominates these cookies. Maybe they should’ve went with white chocolate chips. So, if you’re looking for a crunchier, crispier, chocolate chip cookie….look no further.

Honestly, this cookie winning the Cookie of the Year award is shadier than money laundering, tuition costs, cable bills, fad diets, and Frito-Lay constantly reducing the size of their bags. In short, it was rigged. There’s no way this cookie really was the Cookie of the Year. Damn you Nestle!

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