My/Mo Mochi Cashew Cream Frozen Dessert Review

Ice cream comes in a million different flavors, and a ton of different variations. Get it by the gallon, pint, or scoop. Throw candy and sauces on it for a sundae. You’ll find it in cones, dipped in chocolate, in the form of sandwiches and even tiny balls. Recently, there’s been a huge flux in low-calorie ice creams, too. It’s no wonder everyone screams for ice cream. When we first heard of My/Mo Mochi Cashew Cream Frozen Desserts, our first thought was, “cashews have utters?”  Our second thought was, “WTF is a mochi?”  So many questions got us more and more curious about this unique take on ice cream.

My/Mo Mochi Cashew Cream is vegan, which would normally turn us off.  To a Snack Gator, “vegan” means “healthy.” And we’ve made it pretty clear that “healthy” usually tastes healthy, too. Each ball is only 100 calories, and that gave us pause, because 100 calories doesn’t usually satisfy that junk food craving we always have. But then we realized it’s vegan because it comes from cashews – which are the nuts we generally pick out of mixed nuts first. Dairy-free cashew cream can’t be bad with this logic. But that’s not all these are.  They are cashew cream wrapped in soft rice dough.  Soft what dough??  These should be interesting!

We tried three of the four available flavors: Strawberry, Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Vanilla (the one we didn’t try).  Balls of frozen cashew cream wrapped in rice dough. We’re intrigued, and honestly, a little scared.  So, the directions say to take a ball and leave it out for about a minute or so before eating. We sat with these weird balls in front of us, beckoning us to eat them, then dove in.


Jeni’s take:  I grabbed the ball, and took a bite. The super soft rice dough hit my teeth first, then the strawberry cashew cream, then another layer of the dough.  OMG this is incredible. I’ve never had anything like it, nor tasted anything so creatively sweet with so many different textures in one bite.  And the ratio of cashew cream to dough is spot on. You get just the right amount of each. The dough is chewy and soft and it blends absolutely perfectly with the strawberry cashew cream. It tastes like fresh strawberries and cream were blended. I’m in love.

Jason’s take: This was the first flavor that I tried. The texture alone literally blew me away! Hands down, the most fun and most unique frozen treat that I’ve ever eaten. The gumminess of the rice rough, to the creaminess of the cream inside…everything about this is delicious. The strawberry flavor really stands out. It’s creamy and sweet and would recommend this to anyone — dairy-free or not.


Jeni’s take:  This double chocolate is legit! The strong, sweet, buttery, creamy chocolate is absolutely heavenly. It almost tastes like a tall glass of chocolate milk. I’m loving the dough flavor and can’t get over how it’s chewy, then melts in your mouth. This seriously tastes like chocolate ice cream, with more of a cream flavoring added to it.  Why isn’t all chocolate ice cream made from cashew cream!?

Jason’s take: I’m not usually a fan of chocolate frozen treats, so I didn’t have high expectations for this flavor before giving it ago, since this essentially features two layers of chocolate. My/Mo provided me wrong. An authentic, creamy chocolate flavor is what you get right away. Nothing too bold, nothing too light. Just perfect!

Salted Caramel

Jeni’s take: Is this a dream? Am I asleep? If I am, don’t wake me up. This right here is probably the best tasting snack I’ve ever had.  And I’m chubby, so you know I know good snacks.  I want to crawl into this ball and live there. The flavor of the salted caramel cashew cream is absolutely amazing. It’s intense, sweet, picks up on the brown sugar and butter combination flavors and nails it 100%. I cannot believe these are 100 calories.

Jason’s take: Salted caramel anything is always a favorite of mine. This flavor tastes like the real deal — delicious salted caramel. The smooth caramel flavor is smooth and pairs up perfectly with the cashew cream base that is both sweet and salty at the same time. Simply delightful! All the flavors are absolutely delicious, but this one is probably my favorite. It’s everything you expect salted caramel to taste like… and more because you have a blast eating these!

Holy mochi balls, were we wrong about these.  Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe them. They retail for $6.99/6-pack, but we would honestly pay a few dollars for each. This was such a unique and different treat that literally made each of us smile the entire time we ate them. Keep pulling those cashew utters, My/Mo, because it’s really working for you!

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