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We recently were exposed to something new and exciting in the snack world. We were able to allow our tastebuds to travel around this beautiful country of ours. Hershey’s kicked this off with the sweet treats that identified with their Flavors of America candies that highlighted the flavors of specific states.  And now, Lay’s has decided to jump on board and handle the savory side of the spectrum! Their Taste of America line of potato chips is simply brilliant, as it grabs the popular flavors of every region of the United States, throws those on one of their classic potato chips and lets you enjoy your favorite dishes in chip form!

The one disappointment in this new campaign –  you won’t be able to try all of the flavors, unless buy them online. Each of the 8 flavors are regional in taste, and in where they are sold. Bummer.  HOWEVER, hopefully you’ll enjoy your region’s flavor so much, that it won’t matter!  We received 6 of the 8 flavors (we’re missing Pimento Cheese from the Southwest, and Thai Sweet Chili from the Pacific Northwest), to stuff in our faces and review for you guys!  Ready?  Let’s go!

New England Lobster Roll (New England area):

Jeni’s take:  Ok, I have to be honest – I hate seafood, so I have no idea what a New England Lobster Roll should taste like. However, I do love junk food and chips, so I am able to tell you if these are any good.  I smelled butter when I opened the bag.  I pick up on sour cream, butter, mild peppers. These are pretty tasty and remind me of sour cream & onion chips with a little bit of a kick.

Jason’s take: Not many Lobster Rolls are served up here in Michigan. I’ve honestly never had one before. I wish I could compare the flavor to an actual lobster roll to these chips, but I can’t. Not to worry though because these chips are absolutely delicious. The seafood seasoning used here is amazing. Sour cream, garlic, peppers, and other various seasonings all come together to make for one delicious chip.

Chesapeake Bay Crab Spices (Mid-Atlantic):

Jeni’s take: Again, I am not a seafood fan, and therefore, have no clue how this Chesapeake Bay Crab Spices should taste. I’ve literally never had crab, so I can’t compare them to other crab spices, either. First, the scent when you open the bag is somehow like a mellow ocean smell. Interesting! These offered a nice, complex spice that’s super flavorful and pretty delightful! I found them a tad salty, but that might explain the “ocean” scent, too!

Jason’s take: Like Jeni, I am not a big fan of seafood. However, I am a big fan of these chips. Delicious seasoning that gives you both sweet and savory. A bit of crushed red pepper, black pepper, and even celery are all tastes that I pick up on. As I eat more, the more celery I pick up on. Boy, is this a unique, delicious chip! A pretty salty chip, but it all makes sense because it is seafood.

Fried Pickles with Ranch (Midwest):

Jeni’s take:  Fried pickles with ranch are my favorite bar food.  At first, I didn’t taste as much pickle as I wanted, but then realized that the flavor lingers.  It’s a mild, tartness from the pickle that is complimented by the creamy ranch.  Creamy pickle.  That’s how I’d describe these!  Plus, I could pick up on that oil-soaked/fried flavor, as well.  These are really tasty and nail the flavor!

Jason’s take: This is my jam! Being from Michigan, I have had my fair share of fried pickles with ranch. If you’ve ever had a pickle chip, this is pretty much what it is…but even better because you also get a creamy ranch flavor to compliment it! The potato chip texture gives you the ‘fried’ feel to the zesty friend pickle flavor. This is my jam! I am literally obsessed with these and I need to run out to the store ASAP to get more. Delicious.

Chili Con Queso (Texas, Oklahoma, Southern California, and mountain areas):

Jeni’s take: This is my region!  I immediately smelled classic queso when I opened the bag.  Mmmmmm!  If it’s possible, they even smell warm. This reminded me of putting ground beef, Velveeta and Ro-tel in the crockpot for an awesome queso dip. It’s quite tasty, and I loved the creamy cheese flavor, spiked with fun spices! Olé!

Jason’s take: Creamy cheese and peppers equals heaven. This is essentially a mildly spicy cheddar cheese chip and it’s amazing. Beef, cheddar cheese, a bit of onion, tomato, butter, and peppers are all flavors present. The aftertaste is crazy because you really feel like you just ate chile con queso. Lay’s nailed this!

Cajun Spice (Central Gulf):

Jeni’s take:  Once again, I’m like, the worst person to compare an actual flavor to a potato chip’s version of it. I don’t like spicy food, so I steer clear from cajun stuff.  That said, I have to say that these were pretty damn good! I was surprised at how much I liked them, and how my mouth wasn’t on fire.  I could totally taste white pepper, cayenne, and garlic powder in these and really enjoyed them. These are SUPER flavorful.

Jason’s take: WOW! This one is absolutely delicious. As I swallow the first Cajun Spice chip that I ate, I am left wondering — “what exactly am I tasting here?“. A rush of bold flavors from the seasoning hits your tongue at once. The ingredients list “cajun spice seasoning” as the flavor without mentioning specifics but garlic, paprika, onion, and even oregano are all tastes that I pick up on. These chips are on the spicier side. Honestly, I can’t get enough of these. They are addictive! Side note…I would do anything to buy this seasoning blend for my barbecues (please come through, Lay’s).

Deep Dish Pizza (Heartland & Mid-America):

Jeni’s take:  Hot damn!  Who doesn’t LOVE pizza?  I was really excited for this Deep Dish Pizza chip, and I was not disappointed.  Marinara, white and cheddar cheese, and paprika. I’m totally sold on this.  The potato chip base even acts as a crust substitute, so you really do get all of the flavors you need. Lay’s NAILED the flavor on this one and I’m pretty happy!

Jason’s take: I love pizza in all forms. Pizza rolls, pizza bagel bites, frozen pizza, fresh pizza, and pizza chips. I recently just experienced Giordano’s Deep Dish pizza for the first time while visiting Chicago. These chips sure do taste like pizza! I first pick up on the cheese and it is immediately followed by a heavy marinara taste. As far a s a pizza chip goes, this is definitely one of the better ones I have ever tried. Who needs to go to Chicago when you’ve got these Lay’s? 😉

As always, Lay’s rocked the flavor on this new line of fun potato chips. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling them and discovering something neat about different regions in the country. Still, we always love the Do Us A Flavor surprises, and enjoy voting our favorites.  You’ll see a lot of past winners and some that weren’t finalists, but still made it on the shelves popping up all over the nation. Lay’s definitely keeps us fat, happy and surprised!

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