Lay’s Fiery Habanero Chips Review

Snack Gator has been around for about a year, and at this point, I am pretty sure that many of you are aware that I have a spicy foods addiction. I can’t help myself. I must try anything and everything that is spicy. Jason loves spicy foods more than Mr. Krabs loves money. My love for everything spicy has been taken to the next level through gardening. I’ve got a full-blown pepper garden in the backyard. My pepper garden features all sorts of spicy peppers — jalapeño, serrano, tabasco, ghost peppers, and habanero peppers. This is pretty much me waiting for them to grow…


When I saw the package of these Lay’s Fiery Habanero chips at Walmart, I immediately noticed the peppers on the bag. They resemble my habanero peppers exactly! Straight from the garden! I’m soooo excited to try these Fiery Habanero Chips!

Lay’s Fiery Habanero Chips are made with habanero seasoning, red bell pepper, tomato powder, onion powder, various spices, garlic powder, and REAL habanero peppers. YES! Surprisingly, these chips contain no artificial flavors. Without even trying them yet, I am suddenly don’t give a crap about my habanero pepper plant anymore…. all I need are these chips.

Super excited that these use real habanero peppers for flavor, I have high expectations. I dive right in and am confused. I pick up on a tomato-y taste with hints of vinegar. Not sure where the heat is at, I eat a few more. The heat suddenly hits you at once! These are definitely spicy — just how I like it! These are spicy, but just the right amount so you can actually enjoy the flavor. You pick up on all the listed ingredients. A little sweetness from the red bell pepper, the garlic powder, the onion powder…it’s all there. Tons of seasoning on each chip makes me fall in love with these even more.

Soooo much seasoning.

Do these actually taste like habanero though? Very much so. However, if you’ve ever bitten into an actual habanero pepper before, you’ll know that they are ridiculously hot. These chips aren’t nearly as hot, but they did it the right way. The heat builds as you continue to snack on them. It’s worth noting that people with a low spice tolerance will think that these are too spicy…so stay away if you don’t enjoy super spicy snacks.

As a side note. Here’s a picture of my habanero plant if any of you care. Look how sexy it is! But the chips are also sexy and require no watering or care. Buy!

Sexy beast <3

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