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Kellogg’s Breaks In Halloween Cereals w/ NEW Marshmallows

Woohoo!  We are SO excited to see this news.  Kellogg’s is amping up their Halloween cereal game, by adding some new marshmallow shapes to some classic cereals! These “spooky” cereals are: Froot Loops w/ Marshmallows, Chocolate Frosted Flakes w/ Marshmallows, and Apple Jacks w/ Marshmallows!  We aren’t sure when they are set to be on the shelves, but they are on the website now, so keep checking for them to be in stock in your area!

And, can we just talk about the characters’ costumes this year? Toucan Sam is a scary werewolf, Tony is a vampire and the Apple Jacks characters, CinnaMon and Bad Apple are Frankenstein and a mummy.  If these were kids knocking on my door, I would totally give them extra candy.  Too cute!

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