Jolly Time Blazin’ Cheez Popcorn Review

Popcorn is thought of as a snack, but did you know that popcorn was simply a breakfast food? The early popcorn eaters were pretty much idiots and would eat the popcorn just like how we eat cereal today. Just imagine — it’s 8AM and you’re hungry, so you pour yourself a delicious bowl of popcorn and milk. Yup.

Then, when the Great Depression rolled around, the popularity of popcorn as a snack food increased due to its low cost. Flash forward to the invention of the microwave in 1946 and fat asses no longer had to use the stove or to go to the movie theater to get popcorn. Popcorn lovers now had the ability to make popcorn from the comfort from their home, with very minimal work. The rest is history. Americans today eat well over 13 billion quarts of popcorn per year and 70% of that is eaten in households. Which explains why companies like Jolly Time have to come up with cool, unique flavors to try to compete in the huge popcorn market.

Jolly Time Blazin’ Cheez Popcorn is brand new! I spotted it at Walmart and in the cart it went. The box features flames with “fiery ultimate cheddar” as the description. As a self-proclaimed snack expert, my fat ass loves popcorn. However, there’s barely any spicy popcorn products on the shelf! Finally, Jolly Time came to the rescue and I am extra excited to give this popcorn a shot! And I can’t just eat popcorn without putting something good on TV. SpongeBob it is.

A spicy aroma fills the room as I take the bag of popped popcorn out of the microwave! I open the bag and see that this popcorn is orangish from the seasoning….yea baby! A closer look reveals that some pieces of popcorn have a ton more seasoning than the others. I begin to dig in once it cools down a bit and once the Spongebob episode gets good. It was the one episode Squidward couldn’t win off the crane machine if you’re wondering. Side note…Squidward realllly fucked his life up in that episode. 

The ingredients list do not list any individual spices (it literally just says spices), but whatever blend they are using, the popcorn has a nice kick of heat. Combined with the savory cheese, this popcorn is legit! Each bite delivers a nice cheddar cheese flavor that is immediately followed by the spicy kick. My taste buds are loving this.

The package conveys this popcorn to be incredibly spicy, with flames all over it and the popcorn looking almost red. The heat lingers in your mouth, however, it is not overwhelming. It’s not as spicy as I was expecting. The spicy lover in my wishes that this popcorn was spicier, however, I think Jolly Time made the right call here balancing out the cheddar cheese and the spices. If they went a little bit spicier, I do believe the cheddar would’ve been engulfed in the flames (see what I did there 😉 ) of spices. Even with this spicy kick they choose to go with, you are still able to enjoy the savory cheddar cheese element to it.

As I mentioned earlier, the seasoning wasn’t distributed evenly amount the popcorn. At first, I didn’t care about this, but as I continued to eat, this bothered me a bit. I found myself picking the heavily seasoned pieces and leaving the less seasoned pieces for later. All in all, I would definitely buy this again! And all in all, I would rewatch that episode of SpongeBob again (one of my all time favorites, honestly).

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