Java House Cold Brew Coffee Review

Let’s talk coffee. The magical bean that gives us life in the morning, starts conversations at a diner, becomes an excuse for friends to get together, offers a nice pick-me-up mid-day, allows us to leave our desk for a break at work, and gives us something to sip on after dinner. Coffee can be transformed into a multitude of amazing beverages, too.  Cappuccino, espresso, lattes, macchiato, iced, blended, frappe…. the list goes on.  We even have machines now that can create beautiful coffee beverages in our home, which offers convenience, cost-effectiveness and creativity to drink exactly what you want.  The innovation with coffee products is absolutely amazing. We live in a coffee lovers era, that’s for sure!

Java House understands the need, desire and love for coffee. In fact, they created these amazing Cold Brew dual-use liquid pods to be able to satisfy ANY coffee craving you have!  These contemporary pods are different than anything you’ve seen or used before, because they cater to both the hot coffee AND iced coffee fanatics. Brilliant.  These liquid pods can be poured over ice and combined with a bit of water for a high-class iced coffee, or by placing the pod in your single-serve brewer for hot coffee! Plus, Java House only uses two ingredients: 100% air roasted Arabica beans and cold water.  That’s it.

The secret to these amazing dual-purpose pods is the beans.  Their grounds are slowly steeped in cold water for 12 hours. This helps the bean release a smooth flavor in the coffee.  Normally coffee grounds are brewed in hot water.  That oxidizes  them more quickly and although it makes them aromatic, they are very bitter.  This cold brew process allows for a naturally sweeter, smoother and less acidic coffee.

We each used the pods for both hot and iced coffees. Here’s what we thought:


Jeni’s take: Let me start by saying I’m a coffee junkie. I literally drink it all day from the time I wake up, until my last cup about an hour before I go to sleep. Caffeine doesn’t influence me like it does most people. My point – I know coffee.  I’ve had the worst and some of the best. This coffee…it’s absolutely divine.

Ohhhh, Java House.  You own me.  I love coffee black, with cream & sugar, just cream or with a flavored creamer.  I decided to get the best review, I would drink this black.  And holy moly, this is AMAZING coffee!  That cold brew process really makes a difference!  It’s seriously smooth, and that bitter aftertaste you get with most coffee is gone. In fact, I’m absolutely in love. If you don’t like drinking black coffee because it’s too bitter – this is the perfect coffee for you.  It’s rich, bold, not very acidic and still very aromatic.

Jason’s take: These game-changing pods are absolutely amazing. Cold brew coffee is my latest addiction. I mainly drink my coffee cold, but of course I am always up for a hot cup of coffee! Java House coffee is incredibly smooth and rich at the same time. First sip, I decided to drink it black. I usually don’t drink my coffee black, but I figured I would give it a shot. WOW. You can straight up drink this coffee with nothing else added to it. It’s that perfect. All three varieties. Light roast or medium roast. This is pure heaven and these innovative liquid pods are unmatched. I am already looking forward to tomorrow morning to make another hot cup of this delicious cold brew!



Jeni’s take:  I like drinking iced coffee when I need a serious jolt of coffee in my system. I expect it to be bold and strong, then balanced with either milk or creamer, or the perfect amount of ice so it doesn’t drown the flavor as the ice melts.  This was so super smooth and offered a uniqueness I really enjoyed.  I could really taste the coffee in it. Most iced coffees are loaded with creams and sugars, and the bean flavors just peek out. With this cold brew, I got to enjoy the actual flavors of the beans, without the bitter, acidic taste. Just amazing.

Jason’s take: Ahhh, I love me some cold brew coffee over ice! Consistently smooth and rich, I am already a fan for life. I decided to drink my cold brew over ice with no creamer or sugar and had absolutely no regrets. I’ve honestly never had cold brew that tasted this smooth and had absolutely no bitter taste. I really enjoyed these pods in hot form, but since I naturally like my coffee cold, I somehow fell even more in love with these. With the summer temperatures in full swing, I’ll probably be sipping on this pretty much non-stop. Don’t waste your money buying iced coffees from coffee shops. This stuff is so much better and a much better value!

With flavors like Colombian, Ethiopian and the all important Decaf, you cannot go wrong with the Java House Cold Brew.  It’s seriously genius and totally satisfied our coffee cravings. Whether you drink it hot or over ice, you’ll get pure flavor, pure coffee, pure smoothness and pure enjoyment! Raise your mug! *cheers*

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