Hostess Cookies ‘n Crème Brownies Review

Baking is my spa treatment, relaxation and meditation all in one. I figure out what I want to bake, create a recipe, grab a bottle of wine, turn on my favorite season of Golden Girls, and begin my sweet journey. It’s my gig. So, naturally, I love baking competition tv shows. I watch them, learn new tricks of the trade, root for my favorite competitor, and get all emotional at the end. Recently, I’ve been watching Zumbo’s Just Desserts. If you don’t know already, Adriano Zumbo is a sexy little Australian baker that’s insanely famous in the confectionary world. He’s a judge on several shows, including Zumbo’s Just Desserts. I’ve watched so much, I noted some of his techniques for testing and tasting.  Let’s use his critiquing skills with this review of the new Hostess Cookies ‘n Créme Brownies!

Hostess, you have presented me with a Cookies ‘n Crème Brownie.  This is similar to a petit gateau, which is french for small cake. That sounds fancier, so we’ll go with that.

The presentation of this petit gateau is incredible.  The the white creme glaze over the top is uneven, however that offers more to the “cookies ‘n creme” visual.  I also really enjoy the sophisticated swipes of milk chocolate ganache.  These are very whimsical and light. The rounded shape is presented in a bit of a messy way, however, because the white creme glaze over the top is not even. It’s almost like it was soaked in the glaze while riding on a conveyer belt in a factory.

A good chocolate will have a “snap” when it’s hit with a fork to reveal whatever treat is under it. In this case, a brownie. I picked up  my fork and cracked the creme chocolate coating. It snapped.  Well done, Hostess. It’s soft, yet crisp and has a nice subtle crunch to it.

Onto the taste.  This should mimic a combination of two flavors: brownie and cookies ‘n creme.  My first bite was flooded with flavor. I got that creamy, silky, sugary creme aspect from the shell, and the soft, comforting flavor of milk chocolate from the brownie. This is superb. The flavors blend so well together, and one doesn’t necessarily over-power the other. It’s a great balance. In cookies ‘n creme, the chocolate should move ahead slightly over the creme, and it does in this amazing little petit gateau.  I love that the creme is prevalent in this treat, because so often, it’s totally lost and the chocolate takes precedence. In this one, however, that balance is absolutely perfect. The brownie is surprisingly moist, and becomes almost a dough texture once in your mouth.  It has that deep, milky chocolate flavor that’s perfectly complimented by the creme surrounding it. I absolutely took away cookies ‘n creme and brownie from this.

Hostess, you presented me with a petit gateau of cookies ‘n creme brownie. Your presentation was light, fun and sophisticated, and your flavors were spot on with an amazing balance.  I score you….. (cue intense, suspenseful music) …. a 4.8 out of 5.  Congratulations.


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