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You guys know us here at Snack Gator.  We aren’t healthy eaters and don’t seek out snacks of the organic nature.  WHY wouldn’t we want to put healthy, natural snacks into our bodies, you ask?  The answer is simple: the stuff tastes like tree bark, grass and dirt. Companies will try to dress up their “treats” by covering them in healthier dark chocolate or a plastic carob…but it ends up tasting like a tree branch coated in chocolate. Chia and flax seeds? No, thank you – we are not birds. Natural snacks generally taste exactly like nature. We’ll pass, until the time that an armageddon hits and we have to live in the woods. Then…. the impossible happened.  We found goodnessKNOWS snacks. You KNOW this stuff has to be awesome for us to try it. 5 grams of protein, and 150 calories per pack. That may be pretty important to a lot of heathy snack eaters, but to us, it’s all about texture and taste.

These snack squares are bite-sized and made with real fruit, whole nuts, spices and dark chocolate. The flavors seemed pretty aggressive for a natural snack that has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Plus, they are non-GMO and gluten-free. Check it out – Honey Almond Bourbon Vanilla, Mocha & Almond, and Maple Cinnamon & Almond. Those are the flavors that sparked our interest, but is it REALLY possible to pack in all that flavor without using chemicals and artificial stuff?

Honey Almond Bourbon Vanilla

Jason’s take: Not only are they keeping it real with their ingredients, but they are also keeping it real with their taste! An unexpected gem. I had no idea how good these bars would be. This flavor is so incredibly flavorful. A rush of bourbon flavor hits your tongue the second you bite into this, which is followed sweetness from the dark chocolate. Light and airy. Crunchy. The perfect amount of sweetness. Honestly, the bold bourbon flavor and the dark chocolate combine to make one delectable treat. It’s the perfect snack for when you’re on-the-go (or anytime, really).

Jeni’s take: Is this for real? I literally had to look at the ingredients a couple of times to make sure goodnessKNOWS wasn’t BSing us.  150 calories, 5 grams of sugar and 1.5 grams of saturated fat… that’s IT?  This tastes like a candy bar. Like a crunchy, heavenly, sweet and flavorful candy bar. I got a strong bourbon flavor right away, but it wasn’t bitter like I feel most bourbon is.  The honey adds sweetness and the dark chocolate blended beautifully with the crunchy almonds.  I LOVE the crispiness from the soy protein crisps, too.  This is absolutely DELICIOUS.

Mocha & Almond

Jason’s take: Mocha is my go-to flavor when it comes to coffee-flavored snacks. With these squares, you get authentic coffee taste, which makes sense because they are made with real coffee beans. The whole almonds and dark chocolate all come together to make for one delicious and amazing snack! I actually snacked on this as my after-workout snack and was incredibly satisfied. Huge fan!

Jeni’s take: Unbelievable.  I’m a coffee junkie, and of course I love chocolate. Plus, almonds are my favorite nut.  This snack was made for me. I bit in and my body melted.  I could taste the coffee, and it was an amazing combination with the slightly bitter dark chocolate and the buttery almonds. I checked the ingredients and was surprised to see raisin juice concentrate, and tapioca syrup. I don’t know what those are, but I love them.

Maple Cinnamon & Almond

Jason’s take: Maple and cinnamon are a classic combination. Add dark chocolate to the mix and it somehow gets even better! Just like the other bars, these are light, airy, crunchy, and oh so delicious. You get a maple syrup taste right off the bat, followed by hints of cinnamon. I can’t believe I am eating a healthy snack…it really feels like a candy bar.

Jeni’s take:  Maple cinnamon, you say? Count me IN. As soon as I opened the package, I smelled the maple. One bite and this became my favorite. It’s so warm and comforting. The maple syrup is perfectly sweet, and is balanced with that spice of the cinnamon.  Damn, this is amazing!  This combination of flavors and textures is so spot on, I would rather eat this than a Snickers.

Are you sitting down?  No, really…. sit down.  We’re about to blow your mind.  We absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it, for sure, totally LOVE these! We are blown away that something that is so flavorful, sweet and crunchy could possibly be natural. Did we eat them all? Yes, and Jeni still has some dark chocolate covering her bottom lip. Would we buy them? Totally, and Jason already found the closest store that carries them. Are we obsessed?  Kinda.  Maybe a little.

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