Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies Review

Coconut is super versatile.  You can drink the milk, cook with the oil, create a badass daiquiri with the shavings,  bake with the extract, toast it for crunch on a salad, and even mail a whole coconut via the post office. You really can’t go wrong with coconut. Of course, our favorite thing about coconut is what  you can bake with it. Macaroons might be the greatest gift a coconut has to offer. They are sweet, milky and super coconut-y.  When we tried these Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies, that’s exactly what they reminded us of – macaroons.

Emmy’s Organics uses premium organic ingredients in their treats. They have no artificial ingredients or coloring, are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and paleo-friendly. They have 6 grams of sugar or less, which means you can stuff your face with these babies and feel no guilt!  We tried four flavors of the Coconut Cookies:

Lemon Ginger

Jeni’s take:  I love ginger and I love lemon.  This was an amazing combination of both, along with the sweet coconut. The ginger actually lingers in a nice, sweet aftertaste, too.  These taste really FRESH!

Jason’s take: At first, you taste the heavenly combination of lemon and coconut. The ginger flavor follows shortly. Light and airy — these cookies really melt in your mouth!

Vanilla Bean

Jeni’s take:  The vanilla flavoring is subtle, but nice and silky, too.  I love the combination of the coconut with the vanilla because it really blended nicely together.

Jason’s take: A smooth vanilla flavor is present and it’s terrific! Soft and delicate, these really have a true vanilla and coconut flavor.

Peanut Butter

Jeni’s take:  Peanut butter anything is delicious to me, so these really amped up my tastebuds with the addition of coconut.  The peanut butter flavor is not very strong, but it’s smooth and buttery!

Jason’s take: These cookies are outstanding. I had no idea peanut butter and coconut would go so well together. The peanut butter flavor is subtle, but goes so well with the coconut flavor. So moist and chewy!

Dark Cacao

Jeni’s take:  The flavor in this cookie was the most dominant. I could absolutely taste the dark cacao, and absolutely loved the cut between the bitter cacao and sweet coconut!

Jason’s take: A bold cacao flavor strikes your taste buds at first bite! The semi-bitter chocolate taste and taste of the coconut complimented each other so well! This is the perfect flavor for any chocolate lover.

Emmy’s Organics Coconut Cookies are definitely the way to go for guilt-free coconut sweet treats. These were pretty dang delicious, and fulfilled our coconut desires in every way. We would definitely not call them, “cookies,” but rather soft macaroons….. but pota-toe, po-tahtoe. These are amazing, so they can call them whatever they want.

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