Sloppy Joe Pringles Review

Hot dogs. Burgers. Nachos. Apple Pie. Corndogs. Beef Jerky. All of these have one thing in common…they originate from America. And so does Sloppy Joe. Sloppy Joe is an American creation that dates back to the 1940s. And now we can eat them in not-so-sloppy form thanks to Pringles! These Sloppy Joe are exclusive to Walgreens and will only be here for a very limited time. We’ve seen some pretty weird chip flavors over the years, but never have I tried a Sloppy Joe variety. Everyone loves a good Sloppy Joe sandwich and everyone loves chips. My tummy is rumbling and I am ready to dive into these!

Sloppy Joe sandwiches have that distinct smell, and unfortunately, these Pringles do not have a similar scent. These smell more like straight up ketchup. Before I get too disappointed, I have to remind myself that it’s okay because ketchup is a common ingredient in sloppy joe sauce!

However, I do have a right to get disappointed — these are a true let down. I don’t think I have to get too descriptive here. Plain and simple — they don’t taste much like a sloppy joe. I ate several, trying to pick up on a sloppy joe flavor and wasn’t able to. These Pringles taste like a tangy ketchup with a bit of yellow mustard. That’s about it. They remind me more of a cheeseburger than a sloppy joe. After eating several of these Pringles, I start to pick up on a slight smokey barbecue after taste. The ultimate aftermath is a weird, ketchup flavored Pringle. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ketchup flavored chips, but these are just weird. There’s very tiny hints of sloppy joe, however, it’s not upfront. On top of all of that, these Pringles are incredibly salty. I know Pringles are on the saltier side anyways, but these are probably the saltiest Pringles that I’ve ever tried. The saltiness and weird ketchup-like flavor leaves me highly disappointed.

Pringles really messed up on this one. I was incredibly excited for these. I went to six different Walgreens to find them. Yup, six. Needless to say, I was immediately let down once I tried them. They aren’t absolutely disgusting by any means, but they are not the advertised flavor. I feel like Pringles rushed this flavor and released it without putting much work into getting the flavor right. Pass. If you see it at Walgreens, walk by it. Trust me… save that $1.99 and use it to buy actual sloppy joe ingredients. Pringles, you’ve let all of America down.

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