Rocky Road ice cream is the sweet treat of choice for chocolate fanatics that need a little drama.  That’s pretty fitting, because there’s quite a bit of drama surrounding the creation of the popular ice cream. Some say this dude William Dreyer cut up walnuts and marshmallows (with his wife’s sewing scissors-  bet she was pissed!) and put them in his chocolate ice cream to mimic his partner, Joseph Edy’s chocolate candy. Dreyer and Edy – sound familiar?  But then there’s also another story that he copied his friend, George Farren’s candy bar, but that guy used almonds.  Either way, it was William Dreyer that created this flavor of ice cream, and probably lived in the dog house for a while for using sewing scissors to cut nuts and marshmallows.

Fast forward in time to today, the day that Rocky Road Trip Oreo hit the store shelves! From ice cream to cookie- we sure are advancing!  It’s a pretty simple recipe, though: chocolate, almonds and marshmallows.  This can’t be that hard to turn into a cookie form.

When I ripped open the package (yah, I wasn’t subtle about it), I took a big whiff and was quite delighted. It smells exactly like a chocolate ice cream scratch-n-sniff sticker I had when I was 10 years old.  That’s a great sign!  Chocolate ice cream and not just chocolate…I’m already impressed.

I examined the cookies before stuffing my face. The chocolate wafer cookies actually have marshmallow bits in them.  Like, embedded in them.  I was really expecting the marshmallow to be in the cream… but nope. There they are, visible white specs on the chocolate cookies!  Another interesting observation to note:  the almond pieces in the cream are actually tiny soy nut pieces.  I don’t know what the hell a soy nut is, but it works.

One bite in,  and I’m loving it.  This really does have that creamy ice cream taste to it!  I love the little “soy nut” bits – there are the perfect amount scattered throughout the cream, so you get that nutty, crunchy texture, too.  The cream is super chocolatey, and reminds me of the Hot Cocoa Oreo from last holiday season. That buttery, creaminess you find in ice cream is totally apparent in the cream of this cookie.  I love it.  The marshmallow cookies on top and bottom tie it together really well.  I DO wish there was more marshmallow, though.  That’s the one thing I feel like is not as balanced.

Altogether, this is a damn good cookie, and genuinely exemplifies the classic ice cream, rocky road. This summer, we saw the Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Oreo and these, and I would honestly say they are equally as yummy. I wouldn’t mind a Battle of the Oreo, though, just for some added drama 😉


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