Pillsbury Donut Shop Glazed Donut and Hershey’s Toaster Strudel Review

There are 6 types of breakfast people.  There are those that skip it and go straight for just coffee.  There are people that prefer a piece of fruit and 1/2 cup of yogurt with granola sprinkled on top. Some take the time to prepare a feast with bacon, eggs, toast and the works.  Others will opt for a smoothie and a vitamin. A bowl of cereal is perfect for the simple folk. And then there are those that embrace the sugar rush with something probably more appropriate as a dessert.  I’m that type of breakfast person.

Pillsbury just released two new flavors of their Toaster Strudel – Donut Shop Glazed Donut and Hershey’s. It’s Sunday morning, I have a full pot of coffee to kick off the morning, and I’m about to stuff my face with dessert for breakfast. Let’s dive in!

First up, I tried the Donut Shop Glazed Donut Toaster Strudel.  I’m not anticipating it to really taste like a glazed donut. There is a distinct flavor in a simple donut, with a super-sugary glaze.  These look like any old Toaster Strudel, with a white icing to add.  I plopped them in my crooked, 8-year old toaster, and honestly didn’t smell anything special. I would have like to have whiffs of Krispy Kreme coming from it, but I’m still optimistic.

I pulled it out of my toaster, burned my finger as usual, and squeezed the icing on top.  One bite into this bad boy, and I’m in love.  This legit tastes like a glazed donut.  Oddly enough, it has a thick, custard-like cream inside (probably the same they put in the Boston Cream Pie Toaster Strudel), which reminded me of a Bavarian donut, yet still had that bready, moist and super sweet glazed donut flavor, as well.  These are fucking amazing. 100% my favorite Toaster Strudel ever.

When I took the Hershey’s Toaster Strudel out of the box, I was somewhat surprised that they really were chocolate. It’s pictured on the box, but it didn’t actually click that the strudel would be chocolate. Clearly, I need more coffee.  This is exciting, and a really nice change from the average Toaster Strudel.  Chocolate pastry + chocolate cream inside + chocolate icing. This is a chocolate lover’s dream breakfast.

I have to admit, I burned my first two. With the regular strudels, it’s easy to see when the toaster gets it to that perfect golden color, and you know to pop them out. The chocolate pastry made that really difficult, but my next two came out perfectly when I watched them a little closer.

I really didn’t get a super chocolatey taste from the strudel, but the chocolate cream inside, along with the unusually thick Hershey’s chocolate icing really pulled it together. It’s chocolate on chocolate on chocolate.  There was really no surprise or excitement from me over this one. It’s good, but not amazing. I probably wouldn’t buy these again, but if you’re a Hershey’s fanatic, these are totally for you.

Which type of breakfast person do you want to be? The kind that chews on tree bark and drinks grass because it gives you a jumpstart on energy for the entire day….  or the kind that eats sugary sweet dessert-type processed products, knowing that the sugar rush will end a few hours later, forcing you to take a nap in the break room at work?  I’d rather be the latter, because I get sugar AND a nap. Throw me one of these Toaster Strudel varieties, and I’m good all day.

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