Oreo State Fair Vanilla Crunch Cookie Review

Here in Texas, the State Fair runs for 24 days from September to October. The highlight isn’t the Texas Auto Show or the live music from multiple stages. It’s not the rodeo or parade. It’s the food. And we are famous for our innovative, creative deep fried foods introduced at the Texas State Fair every year. From deep fried chicken noodle soup to funnel cake bacon queso burgers, it’s a fatass Texan’s dream.

There’s one thing you’ll always find at the Fair – deep fried Oreos. But if you love fatty foods dripping in oil, and aren’t able to make it to Texas in the early fall months, don’t worry!  Oreo just came out with the Oreo State Fair Cookie in two flavors:  Vanilla Crunch and Chocolate Crunch. Just pop them in the oven, crank up the heat in your house to about 105 degrees, add a bunch of screaming kids and tourists, puff out wafts of cow or livestock poop, charge yourself hundreds of dollars for being there, and it’ll be like you’re at the Texas State Fair!

There are 9 cookies in the box, which seems like an odd choice, because there is definitely plenty of room for more.  These apparently offer a “crunchy vanilla coating on chocolate flavored sandwich cookies.”  Another odd choice – why not just say “crunchy vanilla coating on Oreo cookies”?  You can either microwave or cook them in the oven.  With previous experience of snack reviews offering both options, I’ve come to realize that it’s ALWAYS better to go with the oven. Let’s get these babies in there!

450 degrees for 5 minutes is all it takes.  These come frozen, which has me pretty curious about what’s really inside.  After my timer went off, I opened the oven door and was slapped in the face with a sweet, fried-food scent that’s inviting, engaging and totally seductive to a chubby girl.  They honestly smell like classic fried Oreos!

As I let them cool for a minute, I inspected them. DAMN, these are seriously sexy snacks!  The vanilla coating is thick and bumpy -exactly what you want in anything fried. They stayed together better than I expected, too. There was no crust falling off of them, and really, very little crumbs.  They are the size of a regular Oreo, dipped in a batter, so you’ll get about 3 bites out of each.

I took a bite and my eyes rolled back. These are LEGIT deep-fried Oreos.  The crunchy outside is flavorful, solid and absolutely perfect.  It balances the super sweet inside – an Oreo cookie.  I’m not sure why I expected a crunchy cookie inside, but it’s definitely not.  There’s not much difference in the texture of the cookie and the cream, although the wafers are less creamy, as it should be.  The crunchy crust + chocolate wafers + silky classic cream inside = AH-MAZ-ING. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “vanilla” crunch, as it really lacks the vanilla aspects of the flavor. It’s simply a deep fried Oreo, and it’s perfect.  As they cooled, I realized I would definitely eat these warm, all the time. The flavors really roar when these are warm.

Instead of dealing with the excessive heat, huge crowds, expensive exhibits, unhappy children being drug around for hours, and the constant smell of livestock, just get these Oreo State Fair Vanilla Crunch Cookies. I can promise you won’t be disappointed, unless you eat all 9 of them in the box and run out too quickly.

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