Lay’s Poppables Honey BBQ Review

We’re deep in the heart of summer right now, and loving every minute of it.  Picnics, hiking, swimming, family reunions, BBQs, watermelon, vacations…. oh, yes. Summer is totally here. One of the best things about this season is the BBQs. We will be honest – you won’t find either of us behind a grill.  We’ll be chillaxin’ in the kiddie pool, wearing Wayfarers and sombreros, sipping on Margaritas and laughing at your dorky kids running around the yard. You WILL find us first in line to grab the goodies off the grill, though. That’s for sure.

Lay’s has always embraced the season with their flavors, textures and fun new snack products.  Their Poppables might just be one of the most genius, summer-worthy products. Poppables are crispy, airy potato bites that are flavored on the inside & oustide. They just introduced a new flavor that’s absolutely perfect for summer: Honey BBQ Poppables!  Here we go….

Jeni’s Take:  When I opened the bag, I was immediately encircled with this sweet & smoky scent. That’s absolutely honey BBQ and there’s no doubt about it. It smells salty, savory and sweet, all at the same time!

I tried one and started wondering, “why haven’t I had these before now!?”  I’m a little mad at myself.  I’m a HUGE potato chip fan. Chips are my favorite snack ever. Poppables are almost like a potato chip, but much thicker and somehow, more airy and light!  Thicker AND lighter?  Yes. It’s the magic of Lay’s.

Let’s talk flavor.  They freaking nailed it. These are more addicting than episodes of Game of Thrones. Holy cow….. I get the smoky, BBQ flavor perfectly blended with a sweet and subtle honey taste. It’s the perfect combination and they completely encompassed both. Plus, the flavor is evenly distributed and each Poppable on the inside and outside.  If the smell didn’t make me think about summertime and BBQs, the taste definitely did!

Jason’s Take: These are phenomenal. Buy them. I could just keep it short and sweet and end my take there, but I am going to go more in depth for you guys because there’s honestly so much to say. Honey BBQ has a distinct sweetness that these Lay’s Poppables replicate so well. Sweetness from the brown sugar and honey give the barbecue a delicious, unique, and tangy flavor. Smokiness from the seasoning also stands out. I LOVE my chips to have a ton of seasoning on them and these sure do. Honey is actually listed as an ingredient — so it definitely is a honey BBQ flavor.

Besides the delicious flavor, there’s two other things I absolutely loved about these. Crunch. These snacks pack a BIG crunch and are so fun to eat. The other thing I loved was how many you can eat without feeling bad about it. One serving is a whopping 28 pieces. That’s only 150 calories for 28 big pieces. That’s a good thing because these are highly addictive. I can eat the entire bag without feeling massive regret like I do with most other snacks.

If summertime makes you think about pool parties, family gatherings and BBQs, these are for you.  If you love crunchy, salty snacks, these are for you. If  you love potato chips but want something with a bit more depth and spunkiness…these are for you.

We REALLY enjoyed these new Poppables Honey BBQ. They are the perfect snack for summer, and definitely fun to eat. Now, you’ll find us in the kiddie pool with our sombreros and sunglasses on, holding a margarita…but this time, you’ll also see these Poppables Honey BBQ next to us.  Just take the bag away before we fill up on these and pass on the BBQ meat!

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