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Found! Hot & Spicy Bugles

Hot & Spicy Bugles

Yeah…we know that Hot Buffalo Bugles exist. The only spicy flavor. As a spicy snacks lover, I had to look long and hard to realize that there is finally another spicy flavor out! Hot & Spicy Bugles are here and I found them at Meijer! The bag says “New!” on it, yet I still was confused because I thought they possibly renamed the Hot Buffalo flavor to ‘Hot & Spicy’. Thankfully, this is not the case and both spicy varieties are here to stay.

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I steal my nieces’ Halloween candy and laugh about it, put whipped cream on vegetables, don’t trust food that isn’t in a package, and worship ice cream. Chips are my favorite snack and might just end up being my downfall. I would marry Flamin' Hot Cheetos if it was legal (and not weird). Born and raised near Detroit, I grew up eating delicious coney dogs, unique pizzas, and of course --- all the best snacks.


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