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Found! Cheez-It Grooves Loaded Cheesy Taco

Cheez-It Grooves Loaded Cheesy Taco

Cheez-It’s NEWest flavor (as indicated on the box) is Loaded Cheesy Taco! According to the Cheez-It, these crackers feature all the tastes of the taco — the shell, seasoned ground beef, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and onion. Someone should let them know they forgot about tomato. 😉 We found this at Walmart.


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  • This flavor didn’t really grow on me. It leaves a tad bit of a sour after taste in my mouth. I enjoy the other flavors very much. My favorites are Hot and Spicy Grooves along with Zest Cheddar Ranch. Yummy I love mostly all of the flavors. Just this current one was quite disappointing.

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