Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Review

If I’m 150 pounds, and run 3 miles at a 12-minute mile pace or 5.0 MPH, over grade 0 flat terrain, I’ll burn about 128 calories per mile. So that’s 384 calories burned total, if my pace doesn’t slow down. A pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby is 1,360 calories (or 340 calories per 1/2 cup which is 1/4 of the pint). Counting calories seriously takes a degree in Calculus. I’m sweating more now just thinking about this, than I would during my run. Plus, I just want some damn ice cream! Instead of calculating calories and figuring out how much I need to run at what pace for how long…. I’m reaching for Arctic Zero.  This stuff has between 280-360 calories for the entire pint.  For the entire pint. I just dropped my running shoes, and picked up a pint of Arctic Zero. And I feel no guilt.

The market for low-cal ice cream is overrun right now.  There are tons of brands that claim to be the best, taste the freshest and beat the calorie game. But how many of those lack the sweetness, creaminess and authenticity of REAL ice cream? Arctic Zero kicks their asses. That’s probably why it’s so few calories – because it’s running around the freezer aisles karate-kicking the other brands in the face. This stuff is made with real milk, real cream, and real cane sugar.  BOOM.  No math required in figuring out how awesome that is!

We tried all 7 flavors of the brand new Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream.  Let’s dig in…

Vanilla Bean

Jeni’s Take:  OMG.  This is only 280 calories? Seriously??  It’s SUPER light and creamy.  In fact, it’s like whipped ice cream. I love the little vanilla bean speckles in it, and it has a seriously authentic vanilla taste.  It’s super fresh and light!

Jason’s Take: I am honestly amazed on how creamy this is cream is. Think of a whipped ice cream with legit vanilla flavor. This can get dangerous. Only 280 calories per pint too — I am baffled how Arctic Zero got it done.

Chocolate Chunk

Jeni’s Take:  Chocolate lovers, this is for you.  This Chocolate Chunk might be the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever eaten….ever.  The creaminess of the cocoa with the burst of slight bitterness with deep chocolate flavor from the chunks (and they are big!) is absolutely perfect.

Jason’s Take: This ice cream seriously reminds me of chocolate mousse! Oh my gosh it’s absolutely amazing. Light chocolate ice cream with some serious flavor. The ice cream lives up to its name with chunks of chocolate throughout the ice cream. YUM!

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies

Jeni’s Take: This ice cream doesn’t skimp on the cookie bits, at all.  They aren’t just sprinkled throughout – they are everywhere! This is definitely a cookie ice cream, and the peanut butter and chocolate are totally apparent.  This is fantastic!

Jason’s Take: Absolutely delicious. I have to keep reminding myself that the entire pint is only 360 calories. The right balance between peanut butter and chocolate — all tied together with the cookie pieces. Texture is unique, as there’s tons of bits of cookies that vary in size throughout the pint. As a peanut butter lover, words can’t express how much I loved this one!

Mint & Chocolate Cookies

Jeni’s Take: I’m a mint chocolate chip ice cream kinda gal, so I’m expecting big things from a 360 calorie ice cream.  The second it hit my mouth, I was smiling.  I literally can’t tell the difference between this and a full-calorie (is that a word) ice cream.  The cookie pieces are scattered perfectly throughout, and the mint is refreshing and not too overwhelming.

Jason’s Take: How the in the world is this a light ice cream? Arctic Zero, you’re amazing. This tastes just like (actually somehow even better) than the regular mint ice creams. It’s not just mint — you get the chocolate cookie bits throughout the pint. Mint isn’t too overpowering and you still get to experience the chocolate. Think Girl Scout Think Mint Cookies in ice cream form!

Cookies & Cream

Jeni’s Take:  Holy moly, mother of cookies & cream!  This is incredible – the cookie pieces are soft and perfectly chocolatey, and the cream is more apparent than I find in most cookies & cream ice creams.  It’s the perfect blend, and super creamy.

Jason’s Take: It’s no secret — I am a huge fan of cookies & cream. Most of you probably know that by now. Arctic Zero realllllly pulled this off. Many of the other light ice cream brands fail to perfect the cookies & cream flavor, but Arctic Zero is here to save the day. Soft cookie pieces are found throughout the whipped vanilla base. Cookies & creme done right!

Cookie & Brownie Dough

Jeni’s Take: Classic, soft vanilla ice cream with chunks of cookie and brownie dough – what more could you want from an ice cream? This is super soft, but super creamy. I loved getting a spoonful with a cookie dough or brownie dough chunk in it because that added a fun texture and flavor burst!

Jason’s Take: In this one, you’ll find lots of cookie and brownie dough pieces throughout the pint of vanilla ice cream! The creaminess from the base and the chewy cookie and brownie dough pieces make this one a really fun one to eat. The pieces are very flavorful and taste spot on with what Arctic Zero is advertising — cookie dough and brownie dough. It’s also worth noting that we see cookie dough ice cream all the time, but this is the firs time I’ve seen cookie and brownie dough ice cream. Perfection!

Toffee Crunch

Jeni’s Take: This is absolutely amazing!  Vanilla ice cream and a toffee swirl throughout is the perfect combination. I love the toffee flavor – made with natural ingredients.  I can tell, because I can literally taste the flavors that make up the toffee. This is an amazing ice cream!

Jason’s Take: If you love toffee, this one is for you. Swirls of toffee are present throughout the classic vanilla base to make for a one amazing ice cream. Incredibly smooth texture and taste — this one is a must for all toffee fans!

Forget about counting calories so you can sacrifice taste, flavor and texture.  This stuff is AH-MAZ-ING. It’s creamy, authentic, delicious, sweet and super flavorful with all of the great qualities you’ll find in any scoop of ice cream, without the guilt and calculator.

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