Snickers Intense Flavors Reviews – Fiery, Sweet & Salty, and Espresso

When you’re hungry, your mood changes. Some people are delightful all the time, even when they are starving. For the rest of us (that want to punch the delightful bunch in their growling stomachs), we can become really moody, aggressive, bitchy or just a total dick. We’ve all seen the Betty White/Abe Vigoda Snickers commercial from the 2014 Super Bowl. And we could all relate. If you couldn’t, you aren’t human, and wouldn’t need food anyway.

Last year, Snickers announced it was coming out with some new “Intense Flavors.” Each flavor would pair with a mood we all feel when we’re hungry. “Who are you when you’re hungry” is the tag line, which is perfect for the flavor/personality line.  There’s WIMPY? which offers a Fiery take on Snickers.  INDECISIVE? takes on sweet & salty, and IRRITABLE? introduces espresso flavors. This could get VERY interesting.

WIMPY? Fiery

Jeni’s take: First of all, I have to admit that I’m the opposite of our dear Jason, when it comes to spicy food. Pepper and ketchup tend to make me sweat. Yah, I’m that pathetic. So, I wasn’t looking forward as much to this one. The spice is definitely not from a pepper – more like a synthetic, artificial, made in a laboratory spice that hit the back of my throat after I swallowed and stayed there. It’s like a regular Snickers with a surprise throat punch at the end.

Jason’s take: Spicy Snickers? This is right up my alley! The spiciness is not present immediately. You’re wondering why they named it Fiery, but after a few seconds…it all makes sense. The spiciness hits you then. It somehow bypasses your tongue and goes right to the throat. As much as I love spicy snacks, this was my last favorite of the three. The spiciness is artificial tasting and it just doesn’t go too well with the other parts of the Snicker bar.

INDECISIVE? Sweet & Salty

Jeni’s take: I’m ALL about salty snacks. 2 of my 3 chins are compliments of chips, crackers and assorted nuts. This was absolutely delicious. There was a bit of a crunch (besides from the peanuts) that really made it fun to eat. The salty definitely complimented the sweet of the nougat, caramel and chocolate in a perfect way.  It was almost like bits of pretzels with those big salt grains were shoved into a Snickers. This is a winner, for sure.

Jason’s take: Mmmm! This one is my favorite of the three. Think of it as a slightly sweeter and saltier version of original Snickers. The sweet and salty component to the bar enhances the nougat and it’s pretty much a more tasty original Snickers bar. If you like original Snickers (you’re dumb if you don’t), you’ll definitely enjoy this bar.


Jeni’s take: Coffee? Espresso? Fill me up. I was most excited about this one, but curious how Snickers could possibly pull this off. Whatever magic they used – it worked. This is incredible and by far my favorite. There’s a distinct espresso flavor in there – almost that just slightly burnt coffee bean taste that’s offset by the sweet of the caramel and chocolate. You get the flavor of espresso without the bitterness, and it’s seriously amazing.

Jason’s take: You pick up on a espresso scent as soon as you open the package. More importantly, you immediately taste a smooth espresso flavor. My fear was that Snickers would’ve went with an overly bold Espresso flavor that would’ve overtaken the Snickers flavors, but I was wrong. You get a slightly burnt, smooth coffee taste that works so perfectly with the rest of the Snickers bar. I was pretty amazed with this one. Highly recommend it.

We genuinely loved all of these and agree they are definitely BOLD new flavors. It’s fun to see Snickers branching out with this creative marketing strategy to connect with the consumer with personality and flavor options. All three are absolutely, 100%, definitely worth grabbing up and trying. Even when you aren’t dying of starvation – which most of us aren’t when we are browsing the candy aisle at Walgreens, each of these will blow you away. We can’t say we were full after eating them… but we CAN say that we weren’t feeling wimpy, indecisive, or irritable after devouring them. Someone hand us a cigarette, because we are SATISFIED!

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