Raisin Bran with Bananas Cereal Review

Raisins are not your friend. They are a weak ass fruit that tries to pass itself off as “nature’s candy,” when they taste nothing like candy. They disguise themselves as chocolate chips in cookies. The local dentist handed out boxes of raisins to trick-or-treaters every Halloween, and they were spotted picking up the TP from their yard every November 1st morning. My mom would offer them as a snack when my siblings and I were hungry, but we would rather starve to death than eat raisins. And they are the first thing picked out of trail mix and thrown away. They are nothing more than partially dried grapes that were too lame to become the nectar of the Gods -wine. Raisins aren’t your friend, buddy.

This new Raisin Bran with Bananas sounds pretty inviting. Growing up, my older sister hit every fad diet on the 80s market. One of them encouraged eating Raisin Bran with sliced bananas on it for breakfast. It always ended up being a bowl of mush and she would eat 3 bites before dumping it in the trash. No wonder the diet worked and she lost weight. Still, it was better with the bananas, so it’s great to see Kellogg’s incorporating that into their classic Raisin Bran.

The box says it’s a “good source of potassium” and “made with “real fruit,” which includes raisins and bananas.  The ingredients even list “bananas,” but it also lists “brown sugar syrup,” which is giving me hope.  I took a big whiff of the cereal before pouring a bowl, and smell Raisin Bran. No hints of banana – real or artificial. I also didn’t see any bananas in there, after shaking the box several times to shift the cereal. I tried a few dry pieces, and to my surprise, it wasn’t just bran… that brown sugar syrup is coating the flakes, making them sweeter!  After a few more bites, I realized that it wasn’t just brown sugar syrup.  It was a brown sugar and banana flavor on the flakes, and they are actually pretty damn good!

These bananas were dug out from the box to pose in the picture.

I poured a bowl and was disappointed. I had to pick out a few banana pieces by shaking the box around and searching for them. It reminded me of digging around in my Cap’n Crunch for the toy. They are dried banana pieces, like the kind you would find in trail mix. And they are pretty legit. Nonetheless, there should have been more in the box. I emptied the entire box onto a cookie tray and pulled out the banana chips. I counted 8. Eight banana chips in the entire box. And as usual, the raisins were few and far between, too, but had a much better ratio than the bananas. I may not like bananas or raisins, but I still feel jilted.

After pouring the milk, I knew I would have to eat quickly, because Raisin Bran is notorious for getting soggy really quickly. The brown sugar syrup and banana coating on the flakes offered it no protection from the milk, and got soggy as quickly as the regular cereal. However, the bites I had before it turned to mush were amazing.  The dried bananas softened slightly, adding a subtle crunch and a nice sweetness, complimenting the raisins and the coated bran flakes.  The brown sugar syrup made it taste slightly like a Bananas Foster dessert. It’s definitely sweeter and a bit more caramel-y than regular Raisin Bran. All together, it’s a pretty nice bowl of cereal. Nothing spectacular, unless you’re a serious Raisin Bran fan, but still, a nice bowl of cereal.

Two of the eight banana chips in the box.

I’m not stunned or excited about this new Raisin Bran with Bananas cereal. I’m happy they coated the flakes, because that definitely offered much more flavor than normal and went well with the banana chips. In fact, those caramel-y, brown sugary  flakes, not the scarce banana chips or hidden raisins were the highlight of the cereal. Maybe it’s my permanently shitty perception of raisins, but this cereal didn’t invoke some new love for the fruit. However, if you’re a big fan of raisins (liar), you’ll probably really dig this cereal.

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