Pistachio Oreo Thins Review

Did you know February 26th is National Pistachio Day? You probably had no idea, but now you know. It’s a bummer that these Pistachio Oreo Thins weren’t released in honor of the National Pistachio Day, but better late than never, I suppose! Pistachios are always a delight. Although not considered to be a junk food, I always make sure to have pistachios in my snack cabinet. I love them so much that I legit buy them in bulk at Costco.

However, there’s always those pesky pistachios that refuse to crack open. You know…those annoying ass ones that you break your fingernails on and almost chip your tooth trying to crack open. Oreo understands our frustration and has launched these Pistachio Oreo Thins to help you get your pistachio fix without the fuss! These Pistachio Oreo Thins feature pistachio creme with classic thin chocolate wafers. I am a bit confused why Oreo didn’t go with the thin vanilla wafer cookies instead to better match the flavor profile and to match the colors of the nut and shell.

As soon as you bite into one, you immediately pick up on the pistachio creme. It’s the first thing you taste, and boy oh boy — it’s delicious. The creme does indeed taste like pistachio. It’s bold and rich. However, it’s a bit artificial tasting, which is not a surprise since no real pistachios are used to make these. Then, a few moments later, the chocolate flavor from the wafers hit you. I’m suddenly heartbroken. Once you eat a few, the chocolate wafers takeover the pistachio flavor and you are left with a faint pistachio taste. Imagine eating chocolate with pistachios. They just don’t go together as a snack, and they don’t go together here. I am pretty baffled why Oreo didn’t go with the vanilla wafers. It just makes complete sense to do so just for the fact that the cookie will have the same color scheme as a real pistachio.

Are these god awful? Nope. They’re not gross by any means, but they just aren’t what I was expecting. They aren’t anything special. They’re still worth trying. I’ll be eating the entire package, but I won’t be buying them again. I guess I will have to stick to fighting to get pistachio shells to open to get my pistachio fix! You all know what I’m gonna be doing on February 26th. #PistachiosForLife

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