Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats Vanilla Latte Cereal Review

Let’s be real. Summer calls for iced coffee. One of my all time favorite coffee beverages to drink during the summer months is an iced vanilla latte. That rich, delicious espresso, mixed with milk, and all blended in vanilla syrup. Poured over ice. On a 90 degree day. You get what I’m saying…iced vanilla lattes are the shit. Kellogg’s seems to agree because their latest cereal is vanilla latte flavor and my vanilla latte and cereal loving ass is here to review it for you guys.

Frosted Mini Wheats are one of my favorites. However, they sadly don’t get enough attention and we don’t really see new limited-edition flavors pop up too often for this cereal. These Vanilla Latte Frosted Mini Wheats really came out of nowhere. There was no announcement from Kellogg’s or any leaked information hinting that this cereal was coming. I saw it at Walmart and jumped up for joy (legit though).

As soon as you open the box, there’s a noticeable coffee scent. Hints of vanilla and hints of espresso. It genuinely smells like a vanilla latte. It’s not strong by any means, but you definitely pick up on the coffee scent! Before I give the cereal a shot with milk, I decided to snack on a few (mostly because I am an impatient loser). Just as the scent hinted, these Frosted Mini Wheats actually do taste like a vanilla latte!

Vanilla is the first flavor you pick up on, with the coffee flavor following immediately after. After a few bites, the coffee flavor dominates without masking the vanilla flavor. The vanilla compliments the coffee flavor, resulting in one delicious, vanilla latte flavored cereal. The vanilla is not too sweet, the coffee is not too strong…just like a vanilla latte should be. Definitely not overpowering whatsoever. You still are eating Frosted Mini Wheats, after all. Seems like Kellogg’s got this one right!

How about with milk? I finally got around to pouring a bowl and eating it how it should be eaten — with milk. I take a few bites and immediately notice that the milk dilutes the vanilla latte flavor a bit. The flavor overall isn’t as prominent, however — still extremely delicious. The vanilla latte flavor is much more pronounced when eaten dry. But you know what? It’s simply perfect. You’re still getting the clear-cut vanilla latte taste.

If you enjoy vanilla lattes and Frosted Mini Wheats, you’ll definitely enjoy this cereal. Plus, it’s a fun way to get the vanilla latte flavor you love without having to spend like $75.87 for one at Starbucks. Hopefully this cereal sets a trend and we start seeing more coffee-flavored cereals. This is a definite buy!

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