Jif Power Ups Review: Creamy Clusters & Chewy Granola Bars

Pac-Man had his power pellets and fruit. Super Mario Bros. characters gobbled up Super Mushrooms. Donkey Kong simply had to eat 100 bananas for an extra life. Even Castlevania depended on finding turkey hidden in the walls of the castle for more energy. The power-up is no stranger to video games, and quite often involves food items.  Characters can munch on a strawberry, mushroom, banana or even whole turkey to score a surge of extra energy. As humans, it’s even easier to catch a jolt of energy and get some blood running through our veins. There are granola bars and protein packs and new items on the shelves every week, it seems.

For kids, its a little trickier than us adults. Finding a healthy, balanced snack to give your kiddo a boost of energy when they need it is probably just as hard as finding that damn turkey in Castlevania. Most snacks contain corn syrup – which parents hate because it’s just sugar. You’ll get the insanely hyper energy that’s temporary, and then a quick crash. Kind of like giving pizza to a turtle in TMNT games – it’s temporary energy. That’s why Jif decided to step it up. The iconic and classic peanut butter recently introduced Jif Power Ups in the form of chewy granola bars and Creamy Clusters.  They contain no corn syrup, contain 6 grams of protein, and the first ingredient is peanuts.

We’re both HUGE peanut butter fans, and can always use a power up that actually lasts.  We tested these out, by trying the Apple Cinnamon Creamy Clusters and Creamy Peanut Butter Chewy Granola Bars. Let’s power up!

Jif Power Ups Apple Cinnamon Creamy Clusters

Jeni’s take: When I first smelled these, I was in peanut butter heaven. The salty sweet, creamy scent smells totally natural, too. These are bite-sized, which is pretty fun. Even more fun – there’s actual peanut butter in the center and it’s super creamy. It goes perfectly with the crunchy granola, and the apple cinnamon flavoring is spot on and not too overpowering. I’m really digging these and can see taking them on a hike, bike ride, road trip, or any outdoor activity!

Jason’s take: I’m in heaven. These are absolutely delicious. The first ingredient is peanuts and you bet you notice that. Creamy, soft peanut butter is what catches your attention immediately after biting into one of these clusters. Think of creamy peanut butter rolled into a crunchy granola — that’s the best way to describe these. You get the perfect amount of apple cinnamon flavor in each bite. It’s not too subtle, but it doesn’t dominate the main star of the snack —- peanut butter. However, they taste better than I could ever imagine. They’re addictive and are sure to be a hit for any peanut butter fanatic.

Jif Power Ups Creamy Peanut Butter Banana Chewy Granola Bars

Jeni’s take: I didn’t get the banana version of these, so my thoughts cover the Creamy Peanut Butter Chewy Granola Bars. These actually look almost exactly like the image on the package, which is seriously impressive.  Less crunchy than the Creamy Clusters, these granola bars are super easy to eat, offer a really nice and softer texture, and are absolutely delicious. The peanut butter is thick and creamy and the large peanuts in it give it a great added salty flavor. I’m really, really enjoying this and could see kids going nuts over them, too.

Jason’s take: These bars are soft and pretty much melt in your mouth. Pieces of peanuts are included for texture. The banana flavor is very prominent, and together with the peanut butter instantly took me back to my childhood days when my mom would make me a peanut butter and banana sandwich! This seriously puts a standard granola bar to shame. Don’t walk by these at grocery store and ignore them. They’re absolutely delicious and I will be buying more for damn sure.

After eating these, we both genuinely felt a rush of steady energy. We were more alert, and weren’t left feeling hungry after we ate them. We’re definitely happy that we aren’t video game characters, because finding energy in a turkey stuck in a castle wall, or eating 100 bananas seems like overkill.  We’ll just take the Jif Power Ups, thank you. However, there’s no guarantee we’d share our Power Ups with a kid. He can get his own box.

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