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Jelly Belly BeanBoozled 5th Edition New Flavors Coming Soon

If you’ve never played BeanBoozled, then you probably have a pretty fulfilling life. For those of us that don’t have plans for Friday night (or Saturday), we know BeanBoozled. This ridiculous game is courtesy of Jelly Belly and is really fun – as long as you don’t get BeanBoozled. If you don’t know, it’s a box filled with jelly beans – but you don’t know what flavor you’ll be tasting until you eat them. You could get tutti-frutti, or it could be stinky socks. Is it buttered popcorn or its lookalike, rotten egg?

There are 20 flavors in the 5th edition, set to be released later this summer, with new flavors including dirty dishwasher and its lookalike birthday cake, and stink bug with the identical partner of toasted marshmallow.  Who wants to play!?

  • Barf and peach;
  • Toothpaste and berry blue;
  • Rotten egg and buttered popcorn;
  • Stinky socks and tutti-frutti;
  • Canned dog food and chocolate pudding;
  • Spoiled milk and coconut;
  • Dead fish and strawberry banana smoothie;
  • Booger and juicy pear;
  • Dirty dishwasher and birthday cake; and
  • Stink bug and toasted marshmallow.

For your enjoyment, here is a picture of my little nieces and I, playing BeanBoozled earlier this year. We all grab a jelly bean and pop it in our mouths. All 4 of us got the grody flavors. Behold the beauty….

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