International Delight Oreo Iced Coffee Review

One thing about me is that I am not a heavy hot coffee drinker. I prefer my coffee drinks served up cold. One thing that I know you all know about me is that I love Oreo. I prefer my Oreos served up Oreo. Which translates to — I just love Oreos. There’s no debate about Oreos. You just can’t go wrong with classic Oreo cookies & creme! In a genius move, International Delight has teamed up with Oreo to launch new International Delight Oreo Iced Coffee! You can already tell how this is going to unfold… I am in love just by looking at the carton.

I found this iced coffee at Walmart and rushed home. I was going to hit up Starbucks on my way home anyways to grab an iced coffee, so I am pretty sure the lord was looking out for me this morning. Who the hell needs a regular iced coffee when Oreo iced coffee now exists?! Plus, I also saved like $60 by not stopping by Starbucks.

A lot cheaper than your Starbucks addiction. Plus, Starbucks doesn’t even offer cookies & creme options!

I’m writing this review while I sip on this delicious, amazing, iced coffee. Yup, I am officially in love. It’s basically pure bliss in a carton. I don’t know how they did it, but this iced coffee seriously does taste like Oreos. Oddly enough, you taste more of the wafer part of the Oreo rather than the creme part. I totally thought it would be the other way around, since there’s cream in iced coffee, after all. The taste of the chocolate Oreo wafers contributes a lot to the iced coffee, giving it a rich, dark, cocoa taste. Not just any chocolate taste either — the distinct Oreo wafer taste.

Me being fat, I decided to take some classic Oreos and dip them in my iced coffee. I’m in love even more.  My mornings are never going to be the same. If you aren’t a morning person, I guarantee you this iced coffee will make you a morning person. I’m pretty sure this is what they serve in heaven. Sadly, this is a limited edition flavor — which means it won’t be around forever. When the day comes when International Delight stupidly pulls this product off the shelf, I will cry forever. My only complaint is that this stuff isn’t sold on one gallon bottles. It most definitely deserves it. Now, excuse me as I go pour myself another glass.

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