There are a lot of really good reasons to wake up in the morning. You may have a fun day planned.  Your significant other might want a little a.m. nookie. It’s your birthday and you’re now a prince or princess for a day. You can look forward to a scheduled nap later in the day. Someone brewed coffee and fried up some bacon and wafted it into your bedroom. All of these are great reasons to wake up, and I’m pretty much game for all of them. But now, you can add one more item to that list. Golden Oreo O’s Cereal.

Post has been rolling out awesome reasons to wake up in the morning with their nummy nummy in my tummy new cereals this year, including the Nilla Banana Pudding Cereal, and now, Golden Oreo O’s have been invited to the breakfast table. Follow me, if you will on my morning journey to review this exciting new cereal.

It’s 5:15 a.m. My hair is in one of those “messy buns,” but not because I styled it for 30 minutes to look messy. Mascara from yesterday’s makeup routine somehow made it to my nose while I slept. And my “Goonies Never Say Die” T-shirt I wore to bed is sporting a little drool on the right sleeve. Ahhh, yes. It’s morning. I have to admit, I am a late night AND morning person, so although it’s early, I’m bright-eyed and my tail is pretty bushy right now. Plus, I’m even more energetic, because I get to try a new cereal for breakfast this morning!

If you’ve been following Snack Gator, you are well aware that I’m not an Oreo fan. The “Golden” aspect of the Oreo family doesn’t impress me, either. However, after the failure of the Peanut Butter & Cocoa Pebbles from yesterday, I’m gleefully optimistic about this cereal, because I have faith in Post products.

This is a big-ass box, like the Nilla Banana Pudding Cereal box. But it’s surprisingly 1 less ounce than a normal box. The picture on the box shows a bowl of Golden Oreo O’s delightfully bathing in a bath of splashing milk. That’s energetic and a nice image to see in the morning. I opened the box and smelled them. Holy shit, you guys. These smell like vanilla frosting. Like, EXACTLY like the tub of vanilla frosting I have in my nightstand. Ohhhh yah, I’m excited for this cereal!

After my coffee finished taking it’s sweet-ass time brewing, I sat down to dig in. I tried a couple of pieces dry, and BOOM! They taste exactly like they smell! If you don’t understand that, try taking a swig of vanilla extract, and tell me it tastes like it smells. These are seriously yummy. It’s like a bowl of cookies, but it’s better than just cookies. It’s like cookies frosted with magical vanilla frosting that are riding on a mermaid through a magical ocean in space.

I have to admit, my bowl was gone before I knew it. I can honestly say, I don’t know how another full bowl of cereal appeared in front of me. This cereal seriously took me to another place. A happier, more mystical place. Adding the milk just makes the flavor even more creamy.  Creamy vanilla frosting in a bowl of crunchy goodness. I literally can’t find any complaints about the cereal. The pieces are the perfect size (Froot Loop size), they soak in the milk but don’t get soggy very quickly, the flavor is enhanced with the milk, I could eat these dry all day long, and they taste legit like vanilla frosting.

If you’re not a morning person, grab a box of Golden Oreo O’s. You’ll become one very quickly. These really are an awesome reason to wake up in the morning! I It’s now 6 a.m. and I cannot wait to wake up to a bowl of these babies tomorrow morning.

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