Gem Gem Ginger Candy Review

The Ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius, was a super smart dude. Obviously. Did you know that he had a bunch of tips when it came to daily eating? He suggested eating ginger in moderation with every meal to promote health and good digestion. He totally knew what he was talking about, since ginger had already pretty much been established as a health benefit about 5,000 years ago.  Fast forward to 2018, and ginger root is still respected as a natural plant that offers aid in things like nausea, your immune system, inflammation, cholesterol, metabolism, blood sugar, memory and much more. Plus, let’s be honest. Ginger has that unique spicy, comforting flavor unlike any other.

Gem Gem is smart like Confucius, too.  Dare we say almost as wise?  This company made a chewy ginger candy out of natural ingredients so you can reap the benefits of the ancient plant, while stuffing your face with candy that’s actually made from honest and natural ingredients. Brilliant! Not many of us are going to buy a weird looking ginger root and start gnawing at it. But we will buy some candy. Good move, Gem Gem.  They come in four, fun flavors, which offers even more incentive. So let’s try this stuff!

Chewy, light, and refreshing! Very easy to swallow.

Just Ginger! 

Jeni’s take: I love ginger. I use it in baking, and get motion sickness, so sucking on some ginger really helps. I also like the natural “heat” it provides, which is weird because I don’t like hot or spicy foods. This candy is by far, the best version of ginger I have ever had. The texture is super chewy but not too sticky.  And the flavor – holy moly this is AMAZING! You get that punch of spice, with the sweetness that natural ginger offers. This is a seriously delicious candy!

Jason’s take: Ginger is used in our household a good amount. However, this is my first time trying ginger candy. The Just Ginger flavor is exactly what it says it is…simply ginger! A spicy ginger flavor is present that is perfectly balanced out with the level of sweetness the candy has to offer. In terms of texture, this candy is extremely chewy, however it doesn’t get stuck to your teeth and is very easy to swallow. A sweet and spicy aftertaste lingers in your mouth — incredibly delicious!

Gimme More Mango!

Jeni’s take: Mango + ginger? I’ve never considered the combination, but I’m pretty much in love with it.  Immediately, I got that super fruity, fresh mango taste. The more I chewed, the more my mouth watered because this is absolutely yummy. The heat from the ginger hit the back of my throat, but the cool mango sweetness somehow meshed really well with it.

Jason’s take: You immediately notice a rush of mango the second you try this flavor. Since this candy is all natural, the mango flavor is not artificial tasting and is outstanding. After a few seconds of chewing, the ginger kicks in and you start experiencing the heat. Trust me on this one, the fruity mango flavor adds such a fun twist to ginger candy. You can’t go wrong!

Zesty Lemon!

Jeni’s take: I wanted the lemon to wow me, and it honestly did. This is my favorite so far. It’s super light, tart, tangy, sweet and fresh tasting. I would love for this company to make a lemon cupcake with this combination of citrus + ginger, because that would be incredible. I love the way the tangy lemon flavor offsets the spicy ginger. It’s really unique and natural tasting.

Jason’s take: I honestly was expecting a faint lemon taste…but boy was I wrong! The lemon flavor is featured in this candy and reminded me a bit of lemon drops! A fresh, classic lemon taste combines perfectly with the spicy ginger. Really a refreshing treat. If you love citrus, I am sure you will be a huge fan of this flavor. Once you eat the candy, you are left with a light lemon taste that you can’t get enough of.

Oh, Oh, Orange!

Jeni’s take: Orange flavored stuff usually falls short, because it’s artificial orange. When you can get natural orange flavoring in a candy, you have liquid gold. This is yet another example of the tart and tangy citrus fruit that has the sweetness of the orange, marrying absolutely perfectly with natural ginger. This is probably my second favorite of the flavors.

Jason’s take: Fun fact about me — orange is my favorite fruit. As Jeni said, orange flavor and candy usually don’t work well due to the artificial flavoring. However, Gem Gem is all natural and this orange is simply perfect. The orange flavor isn’t as prominent as the lemon in Zesty Lemon, but it’s a wonderful balance of sweetness and tart that blends perfectly with the ginger element of the candy. I had no idea how well citrus and ginger go together until now.

Let’s be honest. Neither of us is too concerned with the fact that Gem Gem Ginger Candy is non-GMO, all natural, vegan, kettle cooked, fat free, cholesterol free, and no Trans Fat, and uses real Indonesian ginger. We like junk food. But we absolutely love the fact that this stuff tastes SO GOOD.  The fact that it’s healthy and has some pretty awesome benefits is a huge bonus. It’s simple, delicious, healthy candy without a bunch of bells and whistles. In fact, it might be the first natural candy that we’ve had that actually tasted like candy, AND offered the sweetness of the natural flavors we love so much. Confucius said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Yah, Confucius, we agree. We definitely make things more complicated by passing up on natural, healthy treats. But after these Gem Gem Ginger Candies, we feel pretty enlightened.

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