Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee Review

Everyone’s had a gramma. And you probably had a gramma that baked. And when she baked, she probably made toffee, because that’s what gramma’s do. She would use real butter, fresh almonds and silky cocoa. It was the kind of toffee you had to keep in the fridge (probably in an empty margarine tub) , because it was so fresh. It took time to make, and that was ok, because gramma knows toffee. It was crunchy when you bit into it, and slowly melted in your mouth. And it was kick ass. Candy companies try to mimic gramma’s toffee…but they can’t get it right. It’s either too hard, too chewy, too artificial tasting or they compensate for their lack of “gramma-ness” by adding too many ingredients.

Let not your hearts be troubled, friends. We just found the most gramma-esque toffee we’ve ever had (besides the original, of course – love you, gramma). Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee is about as gramma as you can get, without the old lady smell, bowl of hard candies, afghan around the shoulders and permed grey hair. They think fancy is too complicated, so they keep it simple.  And guess what – simple is exactly what makes great toffee amazing! They use real butter, real sugar, real milk chocolate and real hand sliced almonds. They don’t even stockpile their ingredients, because they make batches one at a time. They don’t use machines, microwaves or assembly lines. Just like Gramma.

We took our time to review these, because every bite of toffee should be treasured as much as a lipstick stain on your cheek from gramma. Making a toffee that stands up to gramma’s is a big job. Let’s see how Dave did:

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee – MILK CHOCOLATE

Jeni’s take: I almost hate to say this…. but, move over, gramma. This toffee is absolutely perfect. It’s sweet, nutty, creamy and slightly salty. It’s freaking unbelievable toffee. The pieces are nice and thick, with the perfect balance of chocolate surrounding them. This milk chocolate is seriously smooth, too.  I have zero complaints about this stuff, and could ramble on for hours about how awesome it is.

Jason’s take: I tried this flavor first and honestly was blown away. Instantly realized that Dave’s Sweet Tooth is a legit brand. This is damn good toffee. Visible pieces of almonds is complimented by the smooth chocolate. Creamy, smooth, delicious toffee sums this up.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee – COFFEE TOFFEE

Jeni’s take:  As a coffee addict, I was most excited to try this flavor.  I checked the ingredients – “coffee beans” are listed. I literally rolled my eyes back and moaned when I took my first bite. Coffee + toffee = ridiculous. The coffee beans set off the nuttiness of the toffee, and brought out the flavor of the butter. It’s coated with a dark chocolate, which couldn’t have been a better choice. I could legit eat this entire bag right now.

Jason’s take: As soon as you open the package, a rush of coffee hits your nostrils and your mouth begins to water. It is slightly sweeter than the milk chocolate toffee and has a slightly deeper chocolate flavor. You first taste the delicious classic toffee flavor, then the coffee bean flavor hits you to really make this a truly one of a kind snack. This stuff is incredible.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee – DARK CHOCOLATE

Jeni’s take: I’m not a dark chocolate fan. However, after realizing the Coffee Toffee was made with dark chocolate, I was pretty excited for this one. I can’t believe how smooth this is! Most dark chocolate is just too bitter for my taste, but Dave’s dark chocolate offers the flavor, without the bitterness. It’s a little deeper than the milk chocolate, and I honestly can’t tell you which I prefer now. I love how the sweetness of the toffee and the deep chocolate taste blend in this.

Jason’s take: First bite, I didn’t notice too much of a difference when comparing it to the original milk chocolate toffee. I try another bite and immediately notice a big difference. A deeper, darker chocolate is used and it’s everything a dark chocolate lover could ever ask for. Irresistibly smooth, dark, and nutty. Dark chocolate usually makes me extra thirsty…however, this dark chocolate toffee just kept me wanting more. It’s not too dark, which means no bitter aftertaste.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee – DARK CHOCOLATE CHERRY

Jeni’s take: Guess what’s listed as an ingredient… dried cherries! Holy moly, this is tasty. Buttery toffee, tart cherries and strong chocolate all together?  This is a unique tasting toffee, but it doesn’t take away from the classic flavors of toffee, either, it just adds to it. It’s like a party in my mouth and I love it!

Jason’s take: Actual cherries are used this toffee and boy, oh boy, it’s soooooooo incredibly delicious. It’s pretty much the same flavor of the dark chocolate toffee, with added tartness from the cherry! The cherries add a fun slightly chewy texture to the toffee.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee – PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH

Jeni’s take: Peanut butter is my favorite flavor of pretty much anything. This toffee was spot on with the peanut butter flavor. So spot on that it leaves a sweet, soft, buttery aftertaste. This toffee is nutty and milky. The almonds and peanuts seriously mingle for the perfect combination of nuts. I’m in creamy, dreamy heaven with this one.

Jason’s take: We saved the best for last. This one, in our opinion, is the best flavor. We love peanut butter, and Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee nailed this flavor. A classic peanut butter flavor hits you right away that works perfectly with the creamy, smooth, buttery toffee. This is sure to be an instant hit with any peanut butter lover.

We are convinced that if we could look inside Dave’s Sweet Tooth’s kitchen, we would see a room full of grammas, stirring toffee over hot stoves, sipping on decaf coffee and yelling at the neighbor kids to get off their lawns. Dave’s recipe is absolutely genius and absolutely perfect.  It’s the smoothest, buttery-est, sweetest and nuttiest toffee either of us has ever had. Plus, the real Dave – he’s a retired Detroit firefighter, and we think that’s pretty badass. He fights fires and bakes this amazing toffee. He’s a hero in more ways than one.

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