Sour Patch Kids Freeze & Sour Patch Kids Fire Reviews

Sour Patch Kids has been really stepping it up lately, bringing on new products to the snack world. From ice creams to yogurts — they are keeping them coming! One of my favorite candies ever is Sour Patch Kids. When you think of Sour Patch Kids, you immediately think of “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet”. Apparently they the new order is:

  1. Sour
  2. Sweet
  3. Icy or Spicy

Their latest products: Sour Patch Kids Freeze and Sour Patch Kids Fire bring on a whole new element to Sour Patch Kids candy — cooling and spicy sensations. Each bag has four flavors, which I will describe in each review. The question is… Freeze, Fire, or neither? Let’s find out!

Sour Patch Kids Freeze Review

The Freeze variety, for some reason, comes in ‘lemonade’ flavors. I guess it’s a great concept for summer, but at the same time, makes you wonder why they didn’t go with the lemonade flavors as well for the Fire variety. The bag advertises a the candy hits you with a ‘cooling sensation’. Before even trying them, I noticed that the cooling sensation is accomplished by one ingredient — menthol. Menthol is used in most cough drops to achieve that cooling, minty, flavor.

I open the bag, pour some out in my hand, and immediately notice the super fun cosmic colors! Bright colors really go with the summery vibe the package gives off, especially it being lemonade based flavors.

  • Lemonade – Surprisingly tastes just like lemonade. This one is incredible sour at first, then the lemonade flavor strikes you after a few seconds.
  • Cherry Lemonade – Right off the bat, this one tastes just like lime. Then a slight cherry flavor hits you afterward. I am a little confused why this one wasn’t called Cherry Limeade, but I guess they wanted to be pretty consistent with the lemonade theme.
  • Strawberry Lemonade – Have you ever had a pink lemonade before? This is what that tastes like. I don’t really pick up on strawberry here, but it’s still really good.
  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade – You taste blue raspberry at first, then the lemonade flavor hits you a moment later.

Delicious flavors. Nothing bad to say about the candies! However, I don’t think they cooling sensation was a good idea. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s worth noting that the cooling sensation seems extremely faint at first…then starts to build up over time. It legit started to feel like I was eating cough drops after a while because of the cooling sensation. Sour Patch Kids should’ve went with just a classic lemonade mix in my opinion. However, this bag was noticeably more sour than typical Sour Patch Kids and I absolutely loveeed that.

Sour Patch Kids Fire Review

You all know by now that I have a thing for spicy foods. However, ‘spicy’ candy usually isn’t the best. I don’t really have high hopes for this, but at the same time, so excited to try it! The back of the package states “Contains heat sensation, may cause mouth irritation; excessive consumption is not advisable”. Woah, now I am really excited to try.

  • Tropical Flame – Tastes like a mango right off the bat, then a pineapple flavor settles in after a moment.
  • Apple Fever – Standard green apple taste. Very apple tasting…reminded me a bit of Jolly Rancher’s Green Apple!
  • Berry Blaze – Although the name says it’s berry, I tasted a grape flavor. Also reminded me a bit of Jolly Rancher’s Grape flavor.
  • Angry Watermelon – Mmm! My favorite flavor of the four. Very bold watermelon taste that reminded me a lot of Sour Patch Kids Watermelon candy.

I really enjoyed all four flavors. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the spicy sensation. When you first open the bag and eat one candy, you don’t notice a thing. As you eat a few more, you start noticing the fire sensation build up over time (just like the Freeze variety). I wouldn’t really say these are ‘spicy’…they legit have a ‘heat sensation’ that builds up over time. I don’t think you’ll be running to grab a glass of water after eating some of these, but your mouth really feels like it is on fire in a way due to the heat build up over time. The Fire variety was a lot less sour compared to the Freeze variety.

All in all, I really enjoyed both varieties! They are very different in their own ways, and the flavors were on-point in both bags.

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  • In the fire ones, to me, I did not taste any heat at all.

    Rankings of each of them, even though I liked all the flavors
    1. Blue Raspberry
    2. Cherry Lime
    3. Strawberry
    4. Lemonade

    1. Berry Blaze
    2. Tropical Flame
    3. Apple Fever
    4. Angry Watermelon

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