Reese’s Outrageous Stuffed with Pieces Review

Reese’s Outrageous? I always thought it was Reese’s Nutrageous? It took me a minute to finally realize that Outrageous and Nutrageous are not the same thing. Reese’s Nutrageous has been around for a while —Outrageous is a brand new candy bar. What sets Outrageous apart from Nutrageous is that it is stuffed with Reese’s Pieces rather than regular peanuts that Nutrageous features. I’m a pretty diehard Reese’s fan. Reese’s is my all time favorite and nothing can ever change that.

The new Reese’s Outrageous features caramel, peanut butter, and Reese’s Pieces all coated in milk chocolate. A Reese’s lovers dream. The Outrageous bar includes Pieces rather than actual peanuts and I am incredibly happy about that. Yes, I love peanuts, however sometimes I feel like they are out of place in candy bars and kinda ruin the texture. I have had a Nutrageous bar before and really enjoyed it, but I have a feeling that I am going to like this new Outrageous bar better. This isn’t the first time Reese’s stuffed Pieces into another Reese’s product. The Pieces in those Pieces stuffed cups added a nice texture to the cups, so a part of me already knows I am going to enjoy this new bar.

I decided to stuff my face with my bars while enjoying a beautiful Spring day here in Michigan. First thing I notice is these bars are tiny. Legit…soooo tiny. At 200 calories a bar, I feel like I can eat one in two bites. Going all in, I take a big bite to gather my thoughts (which was about half the bar…don’t judge). I am in love. I immediately taste the peanut butter. A generous amount of peanut butter too. Mmmmm! The Reese’s Pieces need to also be discussed. There’s a TON of them in this bar! I was quite shocked to see that many Pieces stuffed in this one bar. I was expecting a piece here and there. Nope…there’s several of them in each bite and I love it! Just as I expected, the Pieces add a nice texture to the bar overall. Reese’s did not skimp out on the peanut butter or Pieces! The layer of caramel adds a bit of a ‘gooey’ element to the bar.

Together, the caramel, the peanut butter, and the Pieces all combine to make one of my favorite candy bars to date. This Reese’s Outrageous bar is one to remember. If I had to pick one thing to complain about, it would be that I wish there was a little bit more caramel in the bar. The generous amount of peanut butter and Pieces somewhat make you almost forget about the caramel. It’s there and you taste it, but the flavor felt a little distant due to the peanut butter dominating it. Still, I don’t care, because this bar is yummy, appetizing, delightful, tasty, delicious, mouthwatering, heavenly, and whatever other word you wanna use to describe it….it’s flat out good. It leaves you wanting more and more.

I picked this bar up at Speedway. It’s a Speedway exclusive until June 2018 (it’ll become available to all retailers then). If you’ve got a Speedway nearby, go speed on over (terrible pun, I know) and get yours. I fucked up and only picked up two when I bought them…I ate them both in like 2 minutes and now I regret not buying more. Definitely picking up a few more the next time I am there!


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