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It’s not a dream…it’s Nilla Banana Pudding Cereal! It can’t be real…but it is! Your favorite dessert, now in your cereal bowl. Nilla Wafers with banana flavor and marshmallows come together in an unbelievably delicious breakfast combination. There’s nothing quite like it, even in your dreams. But it’s not a dream.

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That’s what it says on the back of the box. Sorry Post, no one was really dreaming of a Nilla Banana Pudding cereal…but I must admit, it did come as a total shock when it was announced. Let’s be real, no one really buys Nilla Wafers unless it’s used to make banana pudding.

I always look forward to Christmas every year. For one reason — banana pudding. My cousin Jimmy always makes the best banana pudding for dessert, and it’s honestly like the only time of the year I eat banana pudding. I know it’s really easy to make, but you all know I am just lazy ass and just stuff my face with super processed snacks instead. So, this Nilla Banana Pudding is gonna be real treat since it’s May and here I am eating banana pudding for breakfast.

I open the box and instantly notice that this cereal actually smells like bananas. Good sign. I pour a bowl, add some milk, and ‘mix’ the cereal with the milk to let it soak into the cereal faster (because you know, I am super impatient and need food). First bite and I already know this cereal is absolutely amazing! Mmmmmmmm yummm delicious…just buy it. It seriously tastes like banana pudding. Especially the part of the banana pudding that has Nilla wafers. Congratulations to Post for nailing the flavor, it’s absolutely spot on!

The cereal features cereal pieces that resemble Nilla wafers and circular marshmallows. I took bites with and without the marshmallows and have come to the conclusion that the the marshmallows are just marshmallows and simply do not contribute to the taste. Although, this isn’t a bad thing…the marshmallows add a bit to the texture and quite honestly — just make the cereal funner to eat. They are very similar to the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. Speaking of texture, the Nilla cereal pieces are very similar to Honeycomb cereal. They’ve got the crunch and feel to them and boy oh boy, they’re great. Even to snack on dry — this cereal is phenomenal.

The best part is, the leftover milk when you are done eating the cereal tastes like banana pudding! Unless you’re some weirdo who doesn’t like banana, you NEED this cereal in your life. My cousin Jimmy’s banana pudding isn’t so special anymore because of this amazing cereal. I hope it sticks around forever!

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