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Long ago (1984), a dismal, dark and desolate land was saved by a beautiful young girl named Rainbow Brite. Her mission, which she gladly accepted, was to make the world brighter and hearts lighter by defeating darkness and replacing it with color and light. Rainbow Brite and her friends, the Color Kids continued to spread happy color throughout Rainbow Land, and the world was a better place. The End.

If you grew up in the 80s, no doubt you know exactly who Rainbow Brite is, and, with the help of the neon and vibrant colors of the decade, you joined her in her mission to spread light and color. When I saw Trident’s new line of gum, called Trident Vibes, it immediately reminded me of Rainbow Brite. It’s about time that gum took on a more colorful approach, and left the grey behind. Not only are the colors bright and vibrant, this gum offers a different taste and a new texture. Who knew that gum could take on the world, fill it with color & good vibes, and defeat the ordinary, grey-ish and boring sticks of gum that have long ruled our land?

Trident Vibes promises to offer innovative flavors with a light crystal coating and extra pops of flavor as you chew.  That’s quite a task to achieve. It is, after all, just gum. Perhaps the crystals come from the Color Caves in Rainbow Land, and were mined by the Sprites, too?! Let’s go with that, because it definitely makes gum seem more magical and whimsical.

The containers are pretty cool, but nothing really innovative. They can easily fit in a cup holder in your car, but you can’t carry this gum in your pocket. They open from the top in two ways, which I think is pretty neat – a smaller lid opens for single pieces and on the other side, you can open the entire top to pour more out.  I smelled each after opening them and there was no doubt about the flavor they would offer. They didn’t smell like “gum.” They smelled exactly like the flavors they claimed to be. I do like the really bright colors of green, yellow and orange. In fact, the pieces, that are shaped like those mints you find at wedding receptions, actually do have super bright little crystals all over them. I’ve never seen a crystal from the Rainbow Land Color Caves, but I would bet this is exactly what they look like.

I first tried the green one – Spearmint Rush. I put a piece in my mouth, and BAM! I immediately loved the slight crunch on the outside of the gum, and could absolutely taste a rush of spearmint. The more I chewed, it seemed like the more spearmint flavor was released.  My breath was rockin’ it, and my mouth felt really clean the entire time. I chewed that piece for a good 20 minutes, and the gum got super soft, but didn’t lose flavor. I’m impressed.

Next up, I popped a piece of the Tropical Beat in my mouth. From the container, it looks like there are peach slices and some other orange-like fruit….mango, maybe? I wasn’t sure what to expect. Immediately, I was in love. There’s definitely peach and mango in this gum. It’s SUPER yummy. Biting through the crunchy shell, my mouth started watering because of the tartness.  It’s spot on and very tropical. Those crystals in there really do keep the flavor going! This one lost the punch of the flavor quicker than the spearmint, but as I was chewing it, like the spearmint, those crystals kept offering a bit more flavor.

Ooh La Lemon was the third and final new Trident Vibes flavor I tried. I’m not a huge lemon fan, but I liked the last two pieces so much, I knew I would love this.  And I was right (I always am). In my mouth and BOOM. Tart, sour, sweet lemon. Overwhelmingly, unmistakably, delicious lemon. Maybe I’ve been wrong about lemons all this time, because this gum is amazing. As the flavor of the gum started dying down, the crystals added a bit of pop! to the overall taste and keep it going.

I’m totally impressed. Reviewing gum isn’t the most exciting thing to write about, but Trident nailed it. I will definitely be buying more of these Trident Vibes. It’s pretty genius to add that crunch to the shell, because it’s almost like candy. And those crystals absolutely make this gum. Every time the overall flavor began to fade out, the crystals said, “oh hell naw, here ya go!” and punch that flavor back in. That makes each piece last a LOT longer than ordinary gum. I’m totally convinced now that Trident has stock in Rainbow Land and mines the crystals from the Color Caves. It just makes sense.



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  • Let me just start off my saying I really wasn’t that impressed. The flavor of Tropical Beat lasted only 4 minutes and 15 seconds. I timed it. Very disappointing for the 4 whopping dollars i spent. DISAPPROVED

    • That sucks…. We didn’t time it, but my Tropical piece lasted me through a half hour drive to my doctor’s office, and at least the 15 minutes I had to wait to be seen before I spit it out!

  • They didn’t have sticks of Trident spearmint and I was needing a gum fix, so I figured I’d try Vibes, thinking it was just an overpriced version of the original. I was horribly wrong. The gum is almost too soft, and has a nauseating fake watermelon flavor that isn’t advertised at all. It states on their website that it’s supposed to have a “fruity” flavor, but nothing on the packaging indicated this. For people who despise fake melon flavoring it was very unpleasant.

    I have no idea how you could chew this for 20 minutes and miss the bizarre addition of fruit flavoring to spearmint gum.

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