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New Juicy Fruit Gum Flavors Are Coming Soon

New Juicy Fruit Gum Flavors Are Coming Soon

Juicy Fruit lovers will be excited to learn that there’s new products coming soon! These all should be on the shelves by June 2018.

  • Juicy Fruit Collisions:  With two flavors colliding in every stick, it will be an exciting taste explosion with every chew! Available in Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Berry flavor collisions.
  • Juicy Fruit Mixies: four fruity flavors in each bottle, containing a mix of Original, Strawberry, Watermelon and Grape flavors.
  • Juicy Fruit Tropical: Juicy Fruit bubble gum is now a thing! As the name suggests, it’s tropical flavored (whatever that is).
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