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Found! Duncan Hines Perfect Size For 1 Frosting & Drizzle

Gone are the days of buying a tub of frosting, grabbing a spoon and hiding in the closet to eat the entire container while hating yourself. Now, you can squirt that shit right in your mouth, and probably even hide it in a moderately sized pocket. Duncan Hines unveiled their Perfect Size For 1 line of mug cakes – and I guess the people spoke out, because cake without frosting is wrong. Or illegal. I’m not sure which. Either way, they released Perfect Size For 1 Frosting in 3 flavors: vanilla, cream cheese, chocolate; and 3 flavors of Drizzle: strawberry, chocolate and caramel. I would have to guess, but I think the Drizzle is just a tad more liquid-y. Do people really put drizzle on their individual mug cakes? I can see Duncan Hines making individual packets of sprinkles, nuts and dried fried to put on top of their mug cakes, too. *eye roll*

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