Cap’n Crunch Beach Bash Crunch Cereal Review

I love a man in uniform. I also love cereal. So when a silver fox in a Navy uniform offers me a bowl, I’m gonna take it. Cap’n Crunch just released a new twist for us this summer, with the limited edition Cap’n Crunch Beach Bash Crunch. On the box, you’ll note that the Cap’n is flexing his bicep and donning a lifeguard uniform….more like a Captain/Lifeguard uniform. A man in TWO uniforms at once? Be still my heart!  Yah, I have the hots for an old, cartoon character.  If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

The bowl on the box features some new shapes – a dolphin, a lifesaver and a starfish, and claims they will turn the milk “ocean blue.” As with any Cap’n Crunch cereal, I expect excellence, because that’s what I always receive. I have high expectations for this one.

The bright colors of the shapes are pretty fun- pink, orange and yellow. It reminds me of the summer sun. Well played, Cap’n, well played. However, the shapes don’t resemble the characters at all. The dolphins look like a smushed fish, and the majority of the starfish were seriously deformed. The lifesaver looks like a lifesaver, though. Not a lot of credit goes to being able to make a piece of cereal in the shape of a ring.  I noticed these bright blue speckles on each of the character pieces, and suspect those will turn the milk blue.

I tasted a few dry, just to get my pallet revved up. They have a slight tang to them, which is really fun. I think it’s the blue stuff embedded into the pieces giving it that pop of taste. They are like Crunchberries with a bit more ummpff. And they are freaking delicious!

I poured the milk over my bowl of cereal, and was actually excited for the color change in the milk. Honestly, I didn’t have to wait for long, because it happened in about 20 seconds! The milk changed into a soft blue – but it was definitely blue. This probably doesn’t really deserve that much excitement, but I was pretty pumped when I saw it happening!  It’s the classic Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries in different shapes with tiny specks of tart blue things on them. And it’s delightful. I hope they bring it back for years to come, because it’s pretty damn good.  Is it much different from Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries? Naw, not really, add a hint of tang, some obscure shapes, and blue milk – those are the only real differences.

Let me take this opportunity to talk about the back of the box, that so totally entertained me while I gobbled up my bowl.  Take a look below and you’ll see my stream of consciousness. I get that the back of the box is tailored for kids, so it’s going to be silly. Also, it’s not meant for adults to criticize or try to decipher. But I did it anyway.

1 – There’s a pirate in a Speedo. A French pirate in a Speedo.  Are pirates French?
2 – In front of the water is a female lifeguard chasing a boy wearing a sailor’s hat, carrying a jellyfish in a net. That’s a seriously strict beach.
3 – Apparently, sailor hats are all the rage at this beach, because 2 of the kids and a dog are wearing one.
4 – The Cap’n is on the lifeguard tower in his hat and lifeguard shirt, but he must have forgotten his shoulder guard things like he has on the front of the box.
5 – One of the games is on the bottom left corner. The “seadog” wants you to find the same flowers on his surfboard.  WTF is a seadog? And why does he need a sailor hat to surf?
6 – The animals confuse me. A seagull, crab, turtle, “seadog”…. a penguin (because that’s where they live, right?) and some creature in the bottom right corner that makes no sense at all.
7 – See  that little girl under the lifeguard tower? Why is she wearing a weightlifter’s belt?
8 – The penguin wearing a Hawaiian shirt and he’s saying, “scuba.” There are so many things wrong with that.

I’m pretty excited about all of the new flavors and themes that the Cap’n has been rolling out lately. This was a clever addition to the classic line of my favorite cereal ever. If you love Cap’n Crunch, you’ll love this. I hope you get as excited as I did when the milk changed color!

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