BIGS Taco Bell Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds Review

Taco Bell and sunflower seeds. Two things I would never would’ve imagined come together, but here we are. BIGS has teamed up with Taco Bell to launch these new Taco Bell Taco Supreme flavored sunflower seeds and honestly, I am ecstatic. I’m at where I need to be in life. I am a part of this snack blog, I’ve watched every Spongebob episode, and I am a diehard sunflower seed kinda guy. Oh, and I love Taco Bell. Ugh, yeah I am a loser. I shouldn’t be proud of these things, but whatever.

Being a sunflower seed lover, and a Taco Bell expert, I most definitely had to review these for you guys. The cool thing is that these are not limited-edition, so we can expect to see them on shelves forever. Let’s just hope they taste good. If not, I might have to start a riot. I am in the mood for some Taco Bell, but am also too lazy to go out and get some — these better be good.

Being that sunflower seeds are just sunflower seeds, I am mainly here to review the seasoning on these bad boys. I immediately notice that each and every single seed has a generous amount of seasoning on it… just how I like it! As for the taste. I am simply amazed. Blown away. It’s perfect. The season formula is spot on and it legitimately replicated a taco from Taco Bell. Hints of lettuce, shreds of cheese, sour cream, beef, the taco shell… all of it is somehow emulated in this seasoning. The only thing I didn’t pick up on was the taste of tomato. These are instantly my favorite sunflower seeds ever. As I ate more, the seasoning reminds me of Taco flavored Doritos.

I said I wasn’t going to review the seeds themselves, but I can’t not mention it. They are perfect. They are big (as the name suggests). They crack sooooo easily. I need to figure out how I can buy these in bulk because they are that good. A definitely buy!

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