Oreo Creations Reviews — Kettle Corn, Cherry Cola, and Pina Colada

This is one of those marketing gimmicks. You know…the one where they release limited-edition flavors and ask us to vote on our favorite. How can us snack lovers not cave in? The end result is the company increases their sales and we, the fat asses, gain a couple of pounds. This time around, Oreo is taking part in their very own marketing gimmick — My Oreo Creations.

For a limited time, you can buy Kettle Corn Oreos, Cherry Cola Oreos, and Pina Colada Oreo Thins and then vote for your favorite flavor. It’s clear to me that Oreo is running out of ideas. Cherry Cola Oreos? I really have no words. I spotted all three at Meijer and threw them in my cart. I realllly didn’t want to buy the Cherry Cola Oreos because I can’t imagine how in the world these could possibly be decent. But since we are always looking out for the snack lovers here on Snack Gator, of course I bought it to review. Imagine all the money I could be saving you guys if they turn out to be gross! I’ll be reviewing all three in this one post, so let’s get to it…

First up is Kettle Corn Oreos. I usually am a big fan of kettle corn, and these definitely did not taste much like kettle corn. It was more of a combination of butterscotch and pancake syrup (and a hint of actual kettle corn flavor). According to the package, the creme features puffed millet pieces, which add a fun element to these Oreos. Good choice going with the vanilla Oreo wafers, but the creme was a tad too sweet for my liking. Where these Oreos gross? Nope. Just not what was advertised.

Next up is the Cherry Cola Oreos. Who the hell thought that this would be a good idea? These Oreos are fucking gross. That’s all I want to leave it at, but I will go into a little more detail for you guys. The creme itself actually is pretty legit. I really got the Cherry Cola vibe from the creme…you know…that artificial cherry taste and all. The creme also features popping candy for the ‘carbonated fizz’ effect. Things go completely wrong when you eat the entire cookie…meaning not just the creme. Something about the cherry cola creme combining with the chocolate wafer cookies makes me just wanna spit these out (and never eat them again). You end up with a gross chocolatey-cherry taste in your mouth. Cough syrup tastes better than this garbage. They clearly should’ve went with the vanilla wafer cookies. Better yet, they clearly should’ve just not done Cherry Cola Oreos at all and did something like Cherry Pie Oreos. Those are long overdue…

Lastly, we have Pina Colada Oreo Thins. Ahh yes, a classic summery taste. These smell like Banana Boat Tanning Oil, so they have to be good…right? Well, they are good. They simply taste like pina colada…with a hint of banana. Pina colada usually doesn’t have any bananas in it, so I am a little confused why I am picking up on the banana. It’s very faint, so it’s nothing to really complain about. The vanilla wafer cookies go perfectly with the creme. Although the creme is pretty sweet, it was very refreshing to eat these after trying the first two. I honestly would’ve loved to see these made in regular Oreo form (and not Oreo Thins). I know what I am going to be doing this summer though….sitting by the lake, eating these Pina Colada Oreos, sipping on a Pina Colada, and tanning with Banana Boat Tanning Oil. Sure beats throwing up to Cherry Cola Oreos!

Pina Colada is the clear winner in my eyes! I recommend saving $3.00 and not buying the Cherry Cola Oreos at all. And don’t forget that starting April 30th, you can cast your vote for your favorite flavor for a chance at winning some cool prizes.

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