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Found! Welch’s Guanabana Mandarin Juice

Say WHAT?! Guanabana Mandarin. Say that three times fast. Yikes.  I found this Welch’s Guanabana Mandarin Juice at Kroger, and it immediately caught my eye because of the bright colors on it. The carton says, “tastes like banana and pineapple – with orange!” It’s made with pear, guanabana and tangerine. This seriously confuses me. So after about 10 minutes of researching what the fuck “guanabana” is, I felt even more stupid. Apparently, it’s just the Spanish name for the fruit, Soursop. What the fuck is a soursop!? Whatever it is, it apparently makes yummy juice. Please tell me you don’t know what guanabana is, either.

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  • I was pretty disappointed in the drink. The mandarin orange juice completely drowns out the guanabana. Soursop tastes like a cross between a strawberry daiquiri & a pina colada with a consistancy closer to guava nectar or thick coconut milk. It doesn’t need any juice friends.

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