Cool Whip Mix-Ins Oreo Review

I have to start this review by letting you know something about me.  It’s a secret I have to keep, for fear of retaliation, bullying, and really mean faces shot in my direction.  It’s not a common thing, and you won’t hear many people admit to it. But I feel like I need to take a deep breath, let this out and be ok with my dirty little secret without shame.  So, *deep breath* here it is: I hate Oreos. I’ll give you a minute to absorb that. Please don’t judge me based on that opinion, no matter how unpopular it is.

Look, Oreos are just chocolate cookies and an oddly unidentifiable cream in the middle. The cookie gets stuck in my teeth, and they don’t taste very good. If an Oreo and a Brussels sprout were on a plate in front of me, I would seriously have to debate which I would take.

That being said, when I heard months ago (this took a LONG ASS TIME to hit the shelves) that Cool Whip was coming out with two new products called Mix-Ins, I was really excited.  I LOVE Cool Whip. I love, love, love it. Screw the dessert people put Cool Whip on top of – I’ll take mine without the dessert. My hatred for Oreos was outweighed by my infatuation with Cool Whip. So Cool Whip Mix-Ins Oreo – yah, I’ll try it.

The package says it’s, “whipped topping with cookie pieces” which sounds pretty “meh.” I can crush up cookies into my ungodly large tub of Cool Whip in my fridge right now.  Look!  I made Cool Whip Mix-Ins Oreo!  However, when I took the lid off of the container, it was clearly much more. It’s an uncomfortable tan/grey/brown color that I cannot identify, with big and tiny chunks of cookie in it. I couldn’t recreate this color if I tried.

I dug in, and went for it.  A big ass spoonful of this Oreo tainted Cool Whip was heading for my mouth and I was a little scared. My fear of the Oreo was starting to outweigh my love of Cool Whip. If this shit gets stuck in my molars, it will change the way I look at my beloved whipped topping forever. I put on my big girl panties and ate it. And my world will never be the same again.

This. Is. Freaking. AMAZING. Good God, this is good!  Note that by now, I’ve had about 6 spoonfuls of this stuff, and I want to hurry up and finish this review so I can crawl into bed, turn on my Golden Girls and eat the rest of the tub in peace.  That’s how good it is. I’m shocked, but then shocked that I’m shocked because it IS Cool Whip, which is pure magic. It’s creamy, light, flavorful, fluffy and super tasty. There are big pieces of cookie and then teeny tiny bits of cookie, as well, all mixed in. The consistency is spot on, because the cookies are soft and go nicely with the creamy whipped topping. A crunchy cookie would really fuck it up, honestly.  It has the consistency of a mousse, rather than Cool Whip. It’s also got a nice, sugary, slightly chocolatey after taste that lingers.

So, what would you put this on?  Well, my boyfriend and I made the Oreo pudding, and plopped some of this stuff on top.  This stuff was better. We dipped graham crackers in it, and that failed.  We thought about putting it on top of chocolate sheet cake….but then we were worried we would just eat the topping and not the cake.  I put Cool Whip on my coffee sometimes to make myself feel like a barista at a fancy coffee shop – but it didn’t really go there, either.  So what do you put this Cool Whip Mix-Ins Oreo on? Your spoon. Eat it out of the container, one bite at a time.

Thumbs up, kudos and big hugs to Cool Whip for making this and FINALLY coming out with something new and fun. Cool Whip is amazing, and let’s be honest – you can reuse the tub for a ton of different things.  That’s a package AND extra Tupperware in one! My one complaint is that this tub was about half full of the Cool Whip. It’s not tricking anyone by putting it into the tub with a peak, so the top hits the bottom of the lid.  That doesn’t make me feel like it’s full. so there you have it, Oreo fanatics. You haven’t converted me, however, I am not as sickened by the thought of the cookies anymore. I highly recommend this stuff and want you to be on the lookout for it at your favorite grocery store, Walmart (where I found it) or Target. And if you don’t want your container when you’re done, I’ll take it.

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