Cool Whip Mix-Ins Double Chocolate Brownie Review

Jeni tried the Cool Whip Oreo Mix-Ins and absolutely LOVED it! After I read her review, I went on a hunt to find some for myself. I found it at Meijer, but I also found the new Cool Whip Double Chocolate Brownie Mix-Ins! It was sitting there, right next to the Oreo one. I couldn’t just walk away without both. However, I have to make it known that I am not a big fan of extra chocolate-y things. They usually are too sweet and leave me thirstier than a camel wearing a thick sweater on a 120 degree day. But who cares… it was $1.59 and worst case scenario is I try a bite, drink 40 gallons of water, and toss it out.

This product, according to the label, features double chocolate. Not just one chocolate — but two apparently. Not only that, there’s also the brownie factor. This is extra chocolate-y to the max. I tried the Oreo one beforehand and really was blown away with how amazing it was. Now, I’m about to dive right into this double chocolate brownie flavor! Let’s hope this one is just as good…

I open the lid and what do I see first? Chocolate Cool Whip! Underneath the surface is a BUNCH of brownie chunks. At first, I try a bite without any brownie chunks, and to no surprise. It’s straight up chocolate Cool Whip. Heavenly chocolate Cool Whip. This stuff is gold. Not too sweet and just right. I kinda wanna just finish this review up now and leave it at this just so I can go eat the rest of this tub in peace. But I won’t do that…there’s so much more to the story. The brownie chunks! One word — fresh. I don’t know how they did it, but these brownies legitimately tasted like fresh brownies. The good kind too…ooey gooey brownies. The perfect texture too — soft, chewy, and of course deliciously fudge-y.

After a few bites, my main concern of it being too chocolatey was nothing to worry about. Yes, it’s obviously chocolatey, but not overwhelming at all. Just perfect, and I think that is due to the Cool Whip base not being overwhelmingly sweet. With this being a Cool Whip product, you’re really supposed to use it as a topping for desserts. But honestly, there’s really no need for that with these Mix-Ins. They are SO GOOD and chances are you’re just going to eat it straight from the container (like I am).

I was thinking…there is one way I could see myself using this. As a frosting for an ice cream cake. That would probably be the words best ice cream cake. But then again, I remembered that I don’t know how to make ice cream cakes (or any cakes for that matter). Someone, please make me one? 🙂

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