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Starbucks Unveils Newest Limited Edition Frappuccino – Crystal Ball Frapp

It seems like Starbucks is definitely looking into the future with their Frappuccino creations.  We’ve seen some pretty clever beverages from the chain in the last year or so with the Unicorn Frapp, holiday-themed Frapp and the Zombie Frapp last Halloween. Now, you can gaze upon the latest – the Crystal Ball Frappuccino!  It’s a crème-based Frapp (fancy way of saying there’s no coffee in the drink) that is then infused with peach flavor and some pretty, turquoise sparkles. If that isn’t enough to temp your taste buds, the real fun is in the candy gems that tops them! Each drink gets one of three different candy gems that each represent a prediction about your future. The coolest part is that no one knows what gems you’ll get, because they are sprinkled on from opaque shakers.

Blue gems: you’re destined for adventure
Green gems: you’ll be getting some good luck
Purple gems: magic, wonder and enchantment are in your future

Here’s the kicker- this drink is only available for the next four days – through March 26th.  So, you can either go visit your local psychic for a reading, or buy the new Crystal Ball Frapp from Starbucks – and probably pay about the same amount.


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