M&M Flavor Vote Review — Crunchy Mint, Crunchy Raspberry, & Crunchy Espresso

What’s the latest scheme in the snack world? When companies launch limited edition flavors and having the fans vote on which flavor stays. These companies know our fatasses are going to try all of the limited edition flavors, so an increase in sales is a sure thing. Might as well have flavor vote competitions for everything — Pop-Tarts, yogurt, and cookies. Oh, wait. All of these are already a thing (see examples 1, 2, and 3). I told you, these flavor vote competitions are becoming more common because it works so well.

Obviously wanting to boost sales, M&M’s is back it again for 2018 with another round of Flavor Vote competition. This years flavors are all of the crunchy variety — Mint, Raspberry, and Espresso. Just a heads up…crunchy M&M’s are identical to crispy M&M’s. Same ingredients, same texture. I am baffled why they decided to change up the name.

Here are my thoughts on them… and then at the very end, I’ll be casting my vote for my favorite flavor (if anyone cares).

Up first is Crunchy Mint. A strong minty scent is present…I know for sure that these bad boys are about to be extremely minty. I pop a few in my mouth and I pat myself on the back because I was right. These Crunchy Mint M&M’s are extremely minty…the menthol hits you immediately. Felt like I was smoking a pack of Newports (even though I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life 😉 ). If you are a fan of York Peppermint Patties, you’ll love these M&M’s. They are very minty, however, you are still able to enjoy the chocolate flavor. It’s worth nothing that the strong mint lingers in your mouth for a while after eating these M&M’s. Does that mean I can just skip brushing my teeth eat a few of these every morning? 😉 In my opinion, these were a tad too mint-y for my liking…but then again, I am not the biggest York Peppermint Patty fan.

Moving onto Crunchy Raspberry. Just like the mint variety, these feature a strong aroma. You can definitely smell the raspberry. You know what they smell like exactly? When you buy a nice box of chocolates and there’s that one raspberry creme filled chocolate. It smells identical to that. I bite into these and I am impressed! The raspberry flavor is pretty prominent but does not overtake the chocolate. These are delicious. I really enjoyed these — however, I did feel like they were slightly too sweet.

Third and final flavor is Crunchy Espresso. This one didn’t have a strong scent compared to the mint and raspberry, which is funny to me because I would’ve figured this one would have the most prominent scent. You have to sniff long and hard to pick up on a slight coffee scent. However, it’s obviously the taste that matters and these are quite enjoyable! These are bold and coffee lovers will love these. It tastes a bit like you’re biting into a chocolate covered coffee bean. Sadly, I kinda got sick of these fast. The more I ate, the more it tasted like burnt coffee. I do enjoy these, but I probably won’t be able to eat more than a handful at a time.

Now through May 25th, you can cast a vote on the M&M’s Flavor Vote website for your favorite flavor. The flavor with the most votes will be announced in August and will remain on shelves for 18 months. So pretty much like I said, it’s pretty much a scheme to increase sales. The winning flavor isn’t even a permanent flavor. 🙁 Although, I honestly don’t mind it in this case. All were very enjoyable, however none of these three flavors stuck out to me. I legit had to think long and hard which flavor was my favorite.

So, what does fatass Jason think? My vote is for Crunchy Raspberry. I remember having some mint and coffee M&M’s variations over the years, but I don’t ever remember there being a raspberry flavor. Although it is a tad bit too sweet, they get my vote because they are still really good. I was so close to casting my vote for Crunchy Mint, but like I previously mentioned, the strong mint taste and aftertaste was a drawback for me. I just wish they would’ve toned down the mint a bit.


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