Good Humor Reese’s Ice Cream Bar Review

There’s three things in the snack world that I absolutely love. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Oreos, and Reese’s. Pure bliss. When I found out there’s new Good Humor Reese’s Ice Cream Bars, I went on a mission to find them. After much hunting, I finally found them at Meijer! I tried the Good Humor Oreo Ice Cream Bar previously and was a huuuuge fan of it. They nailed it on that one, so I figured they would do the same with the Reese’s Bar.

The package describes these bars being made with “Real Reese’s Peanut Butter Swirl” and the outer layer of the bar features crushed up pieces of Reese’s. It’s gotta be good. Right? I sure hope so. I open a bar and damn this bar looks amazing. I chocolate and peanut butter pieces and the entire bar looks like one big Reese’s cup. YES!

Look how good that looks! However, a big let down.

As Reese’s number one fan, I had high hopes for the bar. I bite into the bar with a huge smile on my face, thinking I am about to be in Reese’s heaven. First thought… wait…what?!?!

A huge letdown. These bars are pure garbage and a disgrace to the Reese’s name. You can barely taste the peanut butter flavor. I had to take a few bites to catch onto the peanut butter flavor. It’s an extremely light flavor that to me, didn’t give me that Reese’s vibe. Where’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Swirl? How come the outer layer doesn’t taste like Reese’s? Where’s the Reese’s flavor? This is bullshit.

I feel like I have been scammed. These would’ve been so much better if they made the peanut butter flavor like five times stronger. It’s clear to me that they just slapped the Reese’s name on the box to get instant sales and didn’t really focus on the flavor. I won’t be buying these again. I’ll stick my Oreo bars next time!

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