Cheez-It Duoz Cheddar Jack & Sharp Cheddar Pretzel Review

As the Greek philosopher Epictetus once said, “Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we can hear twice as much as we speak”. Fuck that. My version of this quote goes as follows: “Nature fucked up by giving us two ears and only one tongue. We clearly need to eat more snacks and listen to people talk less”.

Since we sadly do not have two tongues to eat double the snacks, we can at least compensate. Cheez-It Duoz Cheddar Jack & Sharp Cheddar Pretzel snacks feature two flavors: cheddar and cheddar. The back of the box claims that you’ll be “tasting double with 2x the cheddar”. Only one tongue? No problem. We can still eat double in a way, thanks to these new Cheez-It snacks.

Before I dive right into the review, I wanted to say that I am a pretty hardcore Cheez-It fan. It’s one of my ride-or-die snacks. I can’t ever get sick of eating them. On the other hand, I am also a big pretzel fan. As the name suggests, Duoz feature both of these snacks. These better be delicious.

I’ll start with the sharp cheddar pretzels first. Sharp cheddar is damn right. You immediately taste the sharp cheddar after eating these bad boys. The pretzels are about the size of the Cheez-Its, which is a good thing because I think if they had made the pretzel pieces any larger, they would’ve got old pretty fast. You know how you can’t ever eat too many pretzels? Your mouth turns all super dry and you get thirsty. Thankfully, these pretzels are the perfect size.

The cheddar jack Cheez-Its are absolutely delicious. A very bold cheddar jack flavor. The Cheez-It pieces are definitely a lot more cheddar-y than the pretzel pieces. When I eat a Cheez-It and pretzel together, the combination is glorious. Damn right it is double the cheddar. The two different cheddar flavors really complemented one another, and together, it’s incredibly cheddar-y (in a delicious way). If I had to pick which I liked better, the Cheez-Its or the pretzels, I would have to side towards the Cheez-Its. The Cheez-It pieces are extremely flavorful. As good as the pretzels are, a part of me wishes they’d make a box of just the cheddar jack Cheez-Its (they are THAT good).

To conclude my review, I just wanted to go back to Epictetus’s quote about listening more and speaking less. My thoughts about it still apply. Eat more snacks, listen less. Pretty much…go to class with a few boxes of these Cheez-Its, don’t pay any attention, and go on about your life. Buy these Cheez-Its and you can thank me later!

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Thanks so much to Kellogg’s for sending us boxes of these bad boys. Our opinions weren’t influenced at all, and if they sucked, we would have said they sucked.

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