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7-Eleven’s New Reese’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

What the WHAT?!  For those of you that live in parts of the country where it’s still very winter-ish (which would be anywhere but Dallas, Texas where it’s 72 degrees), you’ll be very excited to stop by 7-Eleven now!  They just added a new Reese’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate AND a Peanut Butter Cup donut (it’s a chocolate donut with peanut butter icing and Reese’s cups on top) for a limited time!


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When I'm not stuffing my face with salty treats made of pure carbohydrates, I'm working out and trying to sweat out the excessive calories I ate.  I live in Dallas, Texas and absolutely love it.  This is the state that fries everything, serves 2 pound chicken fried steak dinners with at least 2 sides that are beautiful, tan and delicious. I eat tacos with ketchup, consider wine and popcorn a meal, put bacon on everything and will slap a fool if he asks for a bite of my beef jerky.

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