SweeTarts Ropes Tangy Strawberry Review

If you’ve never had SweeTarts Ropes, they pretty much are licorice style candy filled with a tangy cream in the center. In this case, the center is strawberry flavored. A big thanks to SweeTarts for sending us some samples to try so we can get this review up! Note that this candy doesn’t officially hit shelves until May, however, some readers have been able to spot them already at 7-Eleven and Walmart.

I’ve been a fan of SweeTarts Ropes for quite a while. Even when they used to be called Kazoozles (renamed to Ropes in 2014). The classic Ropes flavor is Cherry Punch, and Wonka is looking to add a second flavor to compliment it. I’m pretty proud to say that I have probably consumed 1.2 million packages of this candy in the original cherry flavor…so I have a lot experience eating these. Here are my thoughts on this new flavor…

These remind me so much of the Cherry Punch Ropes! I quickly realized that the only thing different between the cherry Ropes and these strawberry Ropes was the center filling. The outer layer candy is identical. The outer layer is sweet, while the center cream brings on that tangy (and almost sour) taste. The candy is very chewy, which is my style! I am a huge fan of chewy and gummy candy — which explains why I buy this candy in particular very frequently. This candy adds a unique twist to licorice candy.

Although I very much enjoyed this candy, the strawberry didn’t really taste like strawberry to me. The name of the flavor is ‘Tangy Strawberry’, but there was just a little bit too much tang in it and it seemed to overtake the strawberry flavor. Still, very enjoyable!

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