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Peeps Oreos (2018) Review

Peeps Oreos (2018) Review

Peeps Oreos were first introduced last year (Spring 2017). To keep it short and sweet, they sucked major ass. They were absolutely disgusting. I remember trying them and immediately throwing them away after one bite. I wasn’t the only one…Oreo fans across the nation called out Nabisco on their horrible formula. It wasn’t just about the taste either. Looking back on it…did we have the right to be upset? They are Peeps Oreos, after all.

This year, Nabisco changed up the formula. Changes all around. This year, the cookie features a chocolate wafer cookie and purple creme. Last year, it was vanilla wafer cookie and pink creme. Honestly, I am terrified to try them. What if my poop turns purple?!

To be honest, I purchased the pack several days ago and have been putting off trying them. I have been dreading it. They are fucking Peeps Oreos, after all. Does anyone give a fuck about what I think about Peeps Oreos? To be honest, reviewing these cookies is much like studying for finals, paying bills, waiting in line at Costco, washing dishes, filling gas, taking out the trash, taking a shit, doing laundry, and waiting an hour at Taco Bell’s drive thru. Nothing exciting — but it must be done. That’s how feel about this review right now. I’m taking one for the team. I got your back, guys!

I try a bite and honestly — they don’t taste bad at all. I’m shocked. I feel like my taste buds are just fucking with me, so I continue to eat more. Still not bad. I’m still in shock. What do they taste like? Like regular fucking Oreos. Nothing else. I can pretty much end my review there honestly. There’s nothing major to report on except the fact that the cookies have cute little designs on them, and the creme is purple.

After eating a few more cookies, I do pick up on a few faint differences when comparing them to plain Oreos. The creme in these cookies tastes a little sweeter than the original vanilla. Also, the creme is definitely more marshmallow-y, which is fun. The fluffy-like creme adds a fun twist to it and kinda makes you feel like you’re eating a Peep. These Peeps Oreos are so much more enjoyable than eating a regular Peep.

To sum it up, these aren’t gross only because they taste pretty damn similar to regular Oreos. That’s my review. There. It’s done. Ahhh, I am free from the stress of reviewing Peep Oreos!

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